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These Words Need to be Added to the English Dictionary

Apart from the numerous abbreviations that have emerged overtime due to the use of social media, some new words have also paddled themselves into these social platforms. The presence of these words is made known by the occupants of the different social platforms through the way they use them to communicate with one another.

These Words Need to be Added to the English Dictionary
These words are not contained in any of the offline or online English dictionaries, but with the way they are being used, I will not be surprised if I see them in the newest edition of any English dictionary. After all, words like "Instagram" and "Snapchat" are being used as nouns and verbs in some online dictionaries. That is why you can boldly tell someone that you are "instagramming" or "snapchatting", and if for any reason the person tries to dispute that, you quickly open one online dictionary to back up your claim. Well, that's English for you. It changes with time; new words come in and some older words become archaic or obsolete.

Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised when you start seeing these words in some online or offline dictionaries. These words are:

1. Whatsapp
The word "Whatsapp" now functions as a noun, verb and an adjective on social media. As a noun, it is a social networking app. I'm sure you've heard people say, "You can send it on WhatsApp." In this sentence, "Whatsapp" is functioning as a noun. As an adjective, it qualifies a noun, e.g., I didn't get your whatsapp message. As a verb, it is an action word, e.g., Please, whatsapp me.

SEE: 25 English words coined from the Igbo language

It also has its continuous form (whatsapping), e.g., "He keeps whatsapping me despite the warning I gave him."

2. Facebooker
This is mostly used on Facebook. It is formulated by Facebook users to refer to one who uses or chats on Facebook. However, you can find "Facebook" being used as a noun and a verb in most electronic dictionaries.

Do well to add to the list (if you have any in mind) by using the comment box. Cheers!

When to Tag Your Facebook Friends in Your Post

When you give humans a chance, they will take chances. And when you give them space, they will build a spaceship right on the space you have given them. This is a sheer fact, and its authenticity is validated by the actions of Facebook users.

Facebook has enabled different features in order to make its app user friendly. One of such numerous features is the "Tag" option. Like every other feature, the "tag" option has its functions (which I will enumerate in this article). However, so many Facebook users, with the sole aim of attracting more likes to their posts, have consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously abused its use by tagging their friends unnecessarily and, as a result, invading the privacy of their friends.

Click HERE to see what happens when you tag your friends in a particular post.

It is quite appalling that Facebook users now crave for "more likes" rather than making their posts entertaining and educative. This shameful attitude of theirs has made Facebook a competitive world. A world where the people therein compete for "likes" and detach every form of imperfection from themselves. This is a serious issue. There's no way you will post a fine pix, an educative or an entertaining article that you won't command likes. However, if your posts are educative, hilarious or entertaining but still command few likes, you can read other possible causes HERE

Facebook should be a place of learning, and in course of learning, we should be entertained because "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy." It shouldn't be a place for just the upload of pictures, publication of lame articles, show off or display of one's nudity. I guess you do all these just to attract likes but resort to tagging your innocent friends if your aim isn't achieved. This is where the problem lies. Nobody is concerned with what you post on your wall, but you only awaken such concern when you tag your innocent friends in those posts of yours that don't in any way connect to them.

The unique thing about "tag" is that it gets the attention of the friend(s) you've tagged in your post to the post.  Not being oblivious of this fact, many have used it to invade the privacy of others. Perhaps you don't know when to tag your friends in your photos or posts, it is stated below:

1. You may tag your friend in the photo you want to upload if he/she is in that photo. The photo can be used to recall past memories, and that your friend will be very happy to be part of such memories when he/she sees the photo. Do not tag your friends in your individual photo(s). Your friends on Facebook will definitely see that photo of yours on their walls even without tagging them.

2. You can tag your friends in your update if it concerns them. However, this shouldn't be done always in order not to make it look very boring and irritating.

3. You can also tag your friends in your update if the update is aimed at passing across vital information to them. For example, information on job opportunities, admission, school examinations, security etc.

4. You can tag your friends in your post if you want them to learn something very important from it – something that have been bothering them. The post might take away such burden. 

5. If you want answers to some questions or opinions on certain issues that you know will be beneficial to all your friends on Facebook, you can write a post reflecting that and tag those friends of yours you know can give you very good answers.

Tagging your friends aside the reasons mentioned above is a display of ignorance. Some of your Facebook friends hardly chat you up, like or comment on your post no matter how educative or entertaining it is. However, they will never hesitate to hit your inbox or tag you in their posts, soliciting for "likes" in order to win one sick competition. The question is, "If they win, will they remember you?"


"Swallow the Meal" by Boma Batubo

A dream that doesn’t frighten or cause you to fret is less of a dream. A lot of potential ground breakers have retired to their seats after taking the first step at the beginning because the realization of their dreams seemed bleak; the achievement of these dreams being rather abstract than tangible. The best medicine for this stronghold happens to be boldness but unfortunately, many a man cannot afford it. So the illness lingers while time and seasons process and recess like a flowing stream at the dire cost of the fulfillment of one’s ultimate life purpose, goal or dream. Regardless of all these, we can be sure that boldness is the key. No dream, however gargantuan, is beyond accomplishment. Only get bold! Boldness is an effective antidote with an amazing recipe: Genius, Power and Magic. Awesome, isn’t it? With this recipe at hand, boldness is garnered and is ready for a go but you’ve got to muster courage to “swallow” the meal; mind you, in large chunks! Only get bold!

The builders of the biblical Tower of Babel swallowed the meal (Genesis 11:1-9). Even if in God’s eyes they were a crazy people, we can’t pretend not to have noticed that their dream was massive and they took on boldness. They could achieve just anything. It started with a single step: the decision to do away with their seats and set out to work. It didn’t really matter how long it had to take or what was really involved. The highpoint of it all was that they already had the finished version of the tower in their imagination (Genesis 11:6).

Daniel didn’t do otherwise. He purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat… (Daniel 1:8). That was insane. He defied the king’s instruction given to the prince of the eunuchs. Only boldness could drive a man to such a place. A rundown of the Daniel story will only reveal one thing: that boldness has got genius, power and magic in it.
And what about the resolute Queen Esther to whom Sir Mordecai was a father figure? Even if she was initially quiet, she rose like a whirlwind when she realized she was in the palace for the season which confronted the Jews. (Esther 4:15-16). She had a dream: to salvage her people and herself as well. Even if the only passage to this was full of thorns and spikes, boldness pushed her feet into a first step. The power and magic therein kept the spikes away.

Young people, on daily basis, walk the length of their dreams and then walk back to the starting point as a result of a piece of doubt in their hearts. It could be that you’re one of the lot. Processed out of the wonderful recipe, boldness is set before you. Food can only stare at the hungry man. It won’t take on a pair of shoes and walk through his lips into his mouth.


How WAEC, NECO and NABTEB Count the Number of Words of Students' English Essays

This article provides answer(s) to one of the most frequently asked questions on this blog, "How does WAEC, NECO or NABTEB count the number of words in students' English essays?" It is no news that the required number of words of the English essays of these examination bodies (WAEC, NECO and NABTEB) is 450 words. As a result, students are expected to write 450 words while answering any of the essay questions of WAEC, NECO or NABTEB English examination.

It is also important to note that there is no penalty for writing more than 450 words but marks are deducted if a student's essay is less than 450 words.

Having said that, how do you know whether your essay is up to or less than the required number of words? Do you count your words one by one to ascertain this or you just assume your essay has reached the required number? I am cocksure you do either of these but also believe that you will never be a victim of such ignorance after reading this article.

You can easily get the number of words of your English essay using the formula: Number of words per line multiple by Number of lines covered. For example, while writing your essay, if each line of your paper (answer sheet) contains nine (9) words and your essay covers forty two (42) lines, you will get the total number of words by multiplying 9 by 42, which will give you 378 words. This simply means that if you write ten words per line, you need to cover 45 lines to get 450 words. The higher the number of words per line, the lesser the number of lines covered.
The implication is that those with large handwriting will have to cover more lines to get the required number of words unlike those with small handwriting.

Note: While counting the words, English examiners pick the lines at random, and if two out of the lines picked consist of eight words each, it is assumed other lines contain eight words. And the number of words of your essay will be calculated based on that. Therefore, it is very important you ensure that the number of words in each line does not vary. However, if it must vary, the difference shouldn't be much.

With the formula above, you can easily calculate the number of words in your English essay. Meanwhile, you can check the marking scheme for English HERE.

4 Ways You Can Prevent Your Details from the Public While in Search of a Job

Have you received a bogus text message or email inviting you for an interview for a job you didn't apply for or know nothing about? Perhaps you are still in the dark, this article will serve as an eye opener to you.

The truth of the matter is that we are in an era where the desperation of many job seekers in the country today has no doubt awakened the stealing prowess of some lazy youths. While some are submitting their applications and Curriculum Vitae (CV) in any available spot, others try to use the details of these persons to scam them. Many have fallen prey to these heartless individuals and if care's not taken, the number will keep increasing.

However, if you haven’t been prey to this, read this and guard your details from going into the hands of scrupulous elements in our society. Here are some suggestions on how to guard your details from being in the open.

1. Email Address:
When creating your CV, use a separate email address. This email address should be an entirely different email address from that that contains your Internet or all banking details and transactions. In doing so, you also protect your primary email address from hacks, spam and unsolicited emails.

2. Mobile Numbers:
Do not in any way include  your main or primary mobile numbers simply because you don’t want to miss out on that interview invite.  Be careful with the number you include on your CV; even if it’s not always switched on, leave a professional call back message and make sure to put it on at least between the hours of 10am - 4pm daily.

3. Referees' Details
There is no need including names, numbers and email addresses of your referees in your CV. Once a firm settles on hiring you, it will request a reference from you, so what's the need of including the names, email addresses and numbers of your referees when you're not even shortlisted for interview?
Are you wondering why you haven't been called for that job? See the possible causes HERE
4. Thread with caution when it comes to submitting your application
Yes! You heard me right. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. That the vacancy looks attractive doesn’t mean you should submit your application. Make enquiries and check out the submission portal to confirm authenticity. For example, if LNG is hiring and in the text message or mail sent to you, you are asked to submit your application to, you should be very careful. A company cannot use an individual email address as its submission portal. A word they say is enough for the wise!

See How English Messed up This Teacher before Adams Oshiomhole

It was as if I knew what was coming when I posted on my Facebook page that "retaining your status as an illiterate is better than being an educated illiterate. At least we're aware that you were never educated." 

The truth is that what you don't know is bigger than you. There is now crime learning, even at old age. As a matter of fact, learning is a continuous process. Until you die, you will never stop learning.

I was encapsulated with startling amazement and pitiable laughter while watching this video clip of a teacher in Edo State who can't read the written English. After now some persons will ask me, "who English epp?" Well, I have nothing to tell you but see how the English language has disgraced this teacher in presence of the former governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole, and other dignitaries. What a shame! If you watch the video keenly, you will notice our own Patrick Obahiagbon. Lol!

Like my lecturer would say, "condolences!"

See the video clip HERE 


The 2017 Nigerian Navy Recruitment is Ongoing: See Application Guidelines and Requirements

The Nigerian Navy opened its online application portal on Saturday, July 1, 2017, to accept applications of interested applicants around the country. if you are also interested, patiently read through the application guidelines and requirements before applying for any position.

1. Applicants should possess any of the following educational and/professional qualifications:
  • West African School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Certificate.
  • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level.
  • WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guilds.
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  • Any other educational qualification equivalent to those mentioned above.
NOTE: All applicants must produce their primary school leaving certificate.

2. Applicants are to note that entry requirement into the following categories is SSCE or equivalent: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, D1, D2, D4, D5, D6, E1, E2, E3, E4, F1, G, H. Any other additional qualifications in these categories can only serve as an added advantage for selection into the branch and not for advancement. 

3. Any applicant possessing higher educational/professional qualification, i.e. HND, BA/BSc, etc other than those mentioned above, should not apply. Candidates are therefore warned against the declaration of false educational/professional qualification. This attracts outright withdrawal or dismissal and hand over to Civil Police for prosecution.

4. Any certificate or qualification not declared or tendered and accepted during the recruitment exercise is not acceptable after recruitment and cannot be tendered for the purpose of change of branch or advancement while in the Naval service. Only qualifications obtained through proper service provisions are tenable after joining.

5. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 22 years at the time of entry into the Training School for school certificate holders, while 24 years of age is the acceptable limit for those with higher qualifications e.g. Nurses, NCE Holders, ICT Professionals, etc.

6. Applicants must not be married or have children before joining.

7. Applicant is required to print out Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Local Government Attestation Form.

8. Applicants must be of Nigerian origin by birth.

9. Applicants with any of the following problems are NOT to apply: short sight, ear problem, previous orthopaedic operation, flat foot, below the required height (Male 1.70, Female 1.67), fracture, stammering or any natural disability.

10. Applicants must be free from any previous conviction by court of law on criminal charges.

11. Applicants must come to the recruitment centres with the following documents:
  • Photocopies of birth certificate or age declaration letter.
  • Photocopies of Credentials.
  • Duly completed identification form to be signed by Chairman or Secretary of the candidate’s LGA or by an officer of the rank of Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) or Equivalent and above from candidate’s State of Origin.
  • Duly completed Parent Consent form to be signed by Applicant’s Parent or Guardian.
  • Four passport photographs duly signed and stamped by any of the persons mentioned in Sub-Paragraph (c) above.
  • Candidates are advised to bring the scratch cards of their NECO and WAEC results to the recruitment centres.
12. Applicants are to bring the following to the Aptitude Test Centres:
  • Parents/Guardian Consent Form.
  • Local Government Attestation Card.
  • Acknowledgment Form.
  • Photocopies of Certificates including NYSC Discharge Certificate. 
  • The completed application form is to be submitted online.
13. Applicants will be required to produce original of all copies of credentials listed in Paragraph 1 before recruitment.

14. Any applicant suspected to have impersonated, forged or submitted false document(s) shall be disqualified from the recruitment exercise. Such applicant shall also be handed over to the Civil Police for prosecution.

To register click HEREregister as a new user and login with your registration details to fill in the required fields.

On completion of the application form, applicants are advised to click SUBMIT on the portal and generate the applicant’s Application ID. Applicants are advised to print out a copy of the Application Summary. For technical support call 08159999011 between 0900 and 1600 only.

The date for recruitment aptitude test is October 7, 2017.

Please note that any attempt to inundate the Naval Headquarters with letters from any quarters by any applicant will be viewed as a ploy to undermine the enlistment process and will lead to disqualification of such applicants. In addition, applicants are to note that the entire enlistment process is free and they should refrain from giving money to any individual under any guise.

2 English Words That Can Easily Piss off a Guy

The fact that the tongue is very powerful is an undeniable reality. However, the tongue is very powerless without words. It is the words you utter with your tongue that have negative or positive effect(s) on you or anybody else. Therefore, you should be very careful of how and when you use words.

As a lady, there are two words you don't use on your boyfriend if you are not ready to quit that relationship. These words are: don't and stop. You have little or no idea how pained your horny boyfriend can be when you tell him don't or stop while trying to touch you. At first, he might take it lightly but if you remain adamant, you may not like his next line of action. So, be very careful. If you don't want it, look for other ways to make him see reasons with you.

However, your horny boyfriend, while touching you, can buy you the whole world if you use these words together (don't stop) because you have given him the "go ahead" to satisfy his urge. Lol! Something must kill a man you know. Indeed, there is power in words.

In sum, the way you use words matters a lot. Using words independently can create a different meaning from when they are used together.

Expect Your Results within the Next 24Hrs Says JAMB

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Saturday, JAMB's Head of  Media and Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin, has described the board's supplementary Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) held across 170 centres nationwide as satisfactory.

It will also interest you to know that the board’s Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, had after the conduct of the main examination that held between May 10 and May 20, announced the cancellation of 59,698 results of the 1.7 million candidates.

He hinged the cancellation on what he had described as "organised malpractice."

Oloyede also announced the blacklisting of 48 Computer Based Test Centres (CBTs) over their involvement in extortion and organised examination malpractice during the same examination.

He, however, noted that the board had fixed July 1  for supplementary examination for candidates who had registered late for this year’s UTME.

Oloyede added that some of the candidates, whose results were cancelled, would also take part in the rescheduled examination,  having discovered that they were not directly involved in such malpractice.

He also listed other categories of candidates with issues such as biometric non-verification machine related issues, technical and log out issues, incomplete results and candidates who lost examination sessions due to malfunctioning of servers at the affected centre as those to participate in the supplementary UTME.

Oloyede had noted that the decision to allow the candidates sit for the rescheduled examination was reached after a thorough review of all the reports that emanated from their centres.

According to Benjamin, however, no fewer than 85,000 candidates participated in the supplementary examination, and that candidates who sat for the examination should expect their results within the next 24 hours.

Read his statement below:

I must say we are happy with the conduct of the rescheduled examination. In fact the conduct of the examination in all the centres was satisfactory.

We did not anticipate any challenges and I must say it was well monitored going by the fact that the number of candidates that participated was just a fraction of the number that had sat for the examination earlier in May.

Having said this however, we do not envisage coming across issues that led to the cancellation of results of some candidates after the main examination.

But in an event where we come across any, we will not hesitate to cancel such results again.

We have just concluded the examination and we are hopeful that within the next 24 hours, candidates will start receiving their results.

Source: The Nation Nigeria

The Benefits of Being a Teacher: The Undisputable Facts

Teaching, as a profession, is one thing most persons will not like to delve into, especially in this part of the world where teachers are generally seen as paupers. Consequently, many youth (graduates in particular) have resorted to folding their arms in wait for any opening in any of the oil companies even though they lack the prerequisites for oil company jobs. Many of them have remained at home for years depending on someone for assistance whereas there are many schools looking for teachers.

Who told you teachers are Paupers? What concrete evidence(s) do you have to backup your claim? Well, I might be tempted to believe your assumption due to the way some private school owners treat their staff, and the peanut they give them as salaries. However, that is not enough reason for you to draw such a sick conclusion.

I keep on telling people that the difference between OYO (a roadside restaurant) and any of the biggest eateries in town is PACKAGING. Do you know that, as a teacher, you can earn thrice the salary of a member of staff of an oil company if you package yourself very well? Have you bothered to find out the salary of oil company staff, or you just sit at home with an unhealthy assumption that they are paid millions in a month? My dear, it is high time you erased such epileptic assumption.

Any teacher who has decided to make society believe that teachers are paupers (a term crafted for teachers by the society) is a learner and not fit to be a teacher. I am a teacher, so I am not talking in abstraction. As a matter of fact, I didn't cash my May salary until the end of June. That was possible because I didn't subject or limit my teaching prowess to a particular school. With technological aids, I made it global, and to be frank with you, I have earned a lot from it. You too can do it.

Aside the financial benefit, this article discusses other benefits of being a teacher. These benefits include:

1. Teaching keeps you abreast

The truth is that teaching keeps you up-to-date. In order to teach effectively in class, teachers spend most of their time studying. This brings them in contact with new "gists" on a particular topic, whether the topic has been in the scheme for decades or not. This is because knowledge is endless, and in academics, there is always a vacuum to fill.

2. Teaching makes you look younger

Have you ever wondered why teachers hardly look old? In fact, my primary 5 teacher is still as young as she was back then. The reason is simple. Teachers are always talking, reading, moving and smiling. For me, they do the best exercise. You will even look younger than my primary 5 teacher if you are surrounded by very bright and hilarious students.

3. As a teacher, you get paid for teaching yourself

Yes, you heard me right! As a teacher, you are employed and subsequently paid to teach others, but in course of teaching, you even learn certain things from the persons you are asked to teach. This is what I call "double benefits."

4. You have more time for yourself and other activities.

Unlike other professions, The teaching profession is not greedy one, as it gives you the time to take care of yourself and also do other businesses that will give you additional income. In my area, though some schools close at 4:00pm, schools close at 2:00pm. Now tell me, what won't you do with the remaining time?

5. Respect

Generally speaking, teaching is a noble profession, and anyone who delves into it is seen as a noble. Although society has tried to belittle this profession, "intelligent or very good teachers" still command respect in society. The truth is that not everybody can teach. I have seen many "A" graduates  who were unable to impart on others, not because they don't know it but because they lack the skills to teach. So, those who can teach very well are accorded respect and eulogies.

6. Your contribution to society is unbeatable

Do you know that as a teacher your contribution to society is unbeatable? If you don't, please know it now. The doctors, engineers, lawyers, governors, bankers, administrators, linguists, managers, actors and actresses, etc., are not your match because you made them. They are able to contribute to society because of you. This is a great feat for teachers.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? The oil company job? Well, it's your choice. A word, they say, is enough for the wise. For me, I am proudly a teacher!

Niger Delta University: Requirements for the Transfer of Academic Transcript

Applying for the transfer of academic transcript in the Niger Delta University is one of the easiest tasks of a graduate of that institution. You don't form a queue for it, and you are not directed from one office to the other. Within ten minutes you are done.

If you a graduate of NDU and have applied for a graduate programme in any tertiary institution, and as a result, want your transcript to be sent to your institution of choice, these are the steps to take:

1. You must have with you a typed application letter for the transfer of academic transcript. The letter should be addressed to the Registrar. See a sample HERE

2. Proceed to the bursar's office and pay the sum of twenty thousand naira (#20,000) for your academic transcript. You will be issued a receipt for this.

SEE: Why your CGPA cried for help and how you can remedy it next time

Note: This amount is for alumni who have applied for the programme in other higher institutions. However, those alumni who have applied for the programme in the school (Niger Delta University) are to pay the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000) for the transfer of their academic transcripts.

3. Attach your transcript "payment receipt" and transcript label (if any) to your application letter and proceed to the Registrar's office for submission. The Registrar's office is at the administrative building where the Vice Chancellor's office is.

4. You are done. You can now beat your chest and go home.

5. After a week or two, don't fail to go to the institution where you have applied for your programme to confirm whether your transcript has been sent or not.

If you have any question, you can use the comment box.