Swallow the Meal by Boma Batubo

A dream that doesn’t frighten or cause you to fret is less of a dream. A lot of potential ground breakers have retired to their seats after taking the first step at the beginning because the realization of their dreams seemed bleak; the achievement of these dreams being rather abstract than tangible. The best medicine for this stronghold happens to be boldness but unfortunately, many a man cannot afford it. So the illness lingers while time and seasons process and recess like a flowing stream at the dire cost of the fulfillment of one’s ultimate life purpose, goal or dream. Regardless of all these, we can be sure that boldness is the key. No dream, however gargantuan, is beyond accomplishment. Only get bold! Boldness is an effective antidote with an amazing recipe: Genius, Power and Magic. Awesome, isn’t it? With this recipe at hand, boldness is garnered and is ready for a go but you’ve got to muster courage to “swallow” the meal; mind you, in large chunks! Only get bold!

The builders of the biblical Tower of Babel swallowed the meal (Genesis 11:1-9). Even if in God’s eyes they were a crazy people, we can’t pretend not to have noticed that their dream was massive and they took on boldness. They could achieve just anything. It started with a single step: the decision to do away with their seats and set out to work. It didn’t really matter how long it had to take or what was really involved. The highpoint of it all was that they already had the finished version of the tower in their imagination (Genesis 11:6).

Daniel didn’t do otherwise. He purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat… (Daniel 1:8). That was insane. He defied the king’s instruction given to the prince of the eunuchs. Only boldness could drive a man to such a place. A rundown of the Daniel story will only reveal one thing: that boldness has got genius, power and magic in it.

And what about the resolute Queen Esther to whom Sir Mordecai was a father figure? Even if she was initially quiet, she rose like a whirlwind when she realized she was in the palace for the season which confronted the Jews. (Esther 4:15-16). She had a dream: to salvage her people and herself as well. Even if the only passage to this was full of thorns and spikes, boldness pushed her feet into a first step. The power and magic therein kept the spikes away.

Young people, on daily basis, walk the length of their dreams and then walk back to the starting point as a result of a piece of doubt in their hearts. It could be that you’re one of the lot. Processed out of the wonderful recipe, boldness is set before you. Food can only stare at the hungry man. It won’t take on a pair of shoes and walk through his lips into his mouth.

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Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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