2 English Words That Can Easily Piss off a Guy

The fact that the tongue is very powerful is an undeniable reality. However, the tongue is very powerless without words. It is the words you utter with your tongue that have negative or positive effect(s) on you or anybody else. Therefore, you should be very careful of how and when you use words.

As a lady, there are two words you don't use on your boyfriend if you are not ready to quit that relationship. These words are: don't and stop. You have little or no idea how pained your horny boyfriend can be when you tell him don't or stop while trying to touch you. At first, he might take it lightly but if you remain adamant, you may not like his next line of action. So, be very careful. If you don't want it, look for other ways to make him see reasons with you.

However, your horny boyfriend, while touching you, can buy you the whole world if you use these words together (don't stop) because you have given him the "go ahead" to satisfy his urge. Lol! Something must kill a man you know. Indeed, there is power in words.

In sum, the way you use words matters a lot. Using words independently can create a different meaning from when they are used together.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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