The Benefits of Being a Teacher: The Undisputable Facts

Teaching, as a profession, is one thing most persons will not like to delve into, especially in this part of the world where teachers are generally seen as paupers. Consequently, many youth (graduates in particular) have resorted to folding their arms in wait for any opening in any of the oil companies even though they lack the prerequisites for oil company jobs. Many of them have remained at home for years depending on someone for assistance whereas there are many schools looking for teachers.

Who told you teachers are Paupers? What concrete evidence(s) do you have to backup your claim? Well, I might be tempted to believe your assumption due to the way some private school owners treat their staff, and the peanut they give them as salaries. However, that is not enough reason for you to draw such a sick conclusion.

I keep on telling people that the difference between OYO (a roadside restaurant) and any of the biggest eateries in town is PACKAGING. Do you know that, as a teacher, you can earn thrice the salary of a member of staff of an oil company if you package yourself very well? Have you bothered to find out the salary of oil company staff, or you just sit at home with an unhealthy assumption that they are paid millions in a month? My dear, it is high time you erased such epileptic assumption.

Any teacher who has decided to make society believe that teachers are paupers (a term crafted for teachers by the society) is a learner and not fit to be a teacher. I am a teacher, so I am not talking in abstraction. As a matter of fact, I didn't cash my May salary until the end of June. That was possible because I didn't subject or limit my teaching prowess to a particular school. With technological aids, I made it global, and to be frank with you, I have earned a lot from it. You too can do it.

Aside the financial benefit, this article discusses other benefits of being a teacher. These benefits include:

1. Teaching keeps you abreast

The truth is that teaching keeps you up-to-date. In order to teach effectively in class, teachers spend most of their time studying. This brings them in contact with new "gists" on a particular topic, whether the topic has been in the scheme for decades or not. This is because knowledge is endless, and in academics, there is always a vacuum to fill.

2. Teaching makes you look younger

Have you ever wondered why teachers hardly look old? In fact, my primary 5 teacher is still as young as she was back then. The reason is simple. Teachers are always talking, reading, moving and smiling. For me, they do the best exercise. You will even look younger than my primary 5 teacher if you are surrounded by very bright and hilarious students.

3. As a teacher, you get paid for teaching yourself

Yes, you heard me right! As a teacher, you are employed and subsequently paid to teach others, but in course of teaching, you even learn certain things from the persons you are asked to teach. This is what I call "double benefits."

4. You have more time for yourself and other activities.

Unlike other professions, The teaching profession is not greedy one, as it gives you the time to take care of yourself and also do other businesses that will give you additional income. In my area, though some schools close at 4:00pm, schools close at 2:00pm. Now tell me, what won't you do with the remaining time?

5. Respect

Generally speaking, teaching is a noble profession, and anyone who delves into it is seen as a noble. Although society has tried to belittle this profession, "intelligent or very good teachers" still command respect in society. The truth is that not everybody can teach. I have seen many "A" graduates  who were unable to impart on others, not because they don't know it but because they lack the skills to teach. So, those who can teach very well are accorded respect and eulogies.

6. Your contribution to society is unbeatable

Do you know that as a teacher your contribution to society is unbeatable? If you don't, please know it now. The doctors, engineers, lawyers, governors, bankers, administrators, linguists, managers, actors and actresses, etc., are not your match because you made them. They are able to contribute to society because of you. This is a great feat for teachers.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? The oil company job? Well, it's your choice. A word, they say, is enough for the wise. For me, I am proudly a teacher!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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