When to Tag Your Facebook Friends in Your Post

When you give humans a chance, they will take chances. And when you give them space, they will build a spaceship right on the space you have given them. This is a sheer fact, and its authenticity is validated by the actions of Facebook users.

Facebook has enabled different features in order to make its app user friendly. One of such numerous features is the "Tag" option. Like every other feature, the "tag" option has its functions (which I will enumerate in this article). However, so many Facebook users, with the sole aim of attracting more likes to their posts, have consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously abused its use by tagging their friends unnecessarily and, as a result, invading the privacy of their friends.

When to Tag Your Facebook Friends in Your Post

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It is quite appalling that Facebook users now crave for "more likes" rather than making their posts entertaining and educative. This shameful attitude of theirs has made Facebook a competitive world. A world where the people therein compete for "likes" and detach every form of imperfection from themselves. This is a serious issue. There's no way you will post a fine picture, an educative or an entertaining article that you won't command likes. However, if your posts are educative, hilarious or entertaining but still command few likes, you can read other possible causes HERE

Facebook should be a place of learning, and in course of learning, we should be entertained because "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy." It shouldn't be a place for just the upload of pictures, publication of lame articles, show off or display of one's nudity. I guess you do all these just to attract likes but resort to tagging your innocent friends if your aim isn't achieved. This is where the problem lies. Nobody is concerned with what you post on your wall, but you only awaken such concern when you tag your innocent friends in those posts of yours that don't in any way connect to them.

The unique thing about "tag" is that it gets the attention of the friend(s) you've tagged in your post to the post. Not being oblivious of this fact, many have used it to invade the privacy of others. Perhaps you don't know when to tag your friends in your photos or posts, it is stated below:

  1. You may tag your friend in the photo you want to upload if he/she is in that photo. The photo can be used to recall past memories, and that your friend will be very happy to be part of such memories when he/she sees the photo. Do not tag your friends in your individual photo(s). Your friends on Facebook will definitely see that photo of yours on their walls even without tagging them.
  2. You can tag your friends in your update if it concerns them. However, this shouldn't be done always in order not to make it look very boring and irritating.
  3. You can also tag your friends in your update if the update is aimed at passing across vital information to them. For example, information on job opportunities, admission, school examinations, security etc.
  4. You can tag your friends in your post if you want them to learn something very important from it, something that have been bothering them. The post might take away such burden.
  5. If you want answers to some questions or opinions on certain issues that you know will be beneficial to all your friends on Facebook, you can write a post reflecting that and tag those friends of yours you know can give you very good answers.
Tagging your friends aside the reasons mentioned above is a display of ignorance. Some of your Facebook friends hardly chat you up, like or comment on your post no matter how educative or entertaining it is. However, they will never hesitate to hit your inbox or tag you in their posts, soliciting for "likes" in order to win one sick competition. The question is, "If they win, will they remember you?"


Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


  1. Thanks for the information. I usually get tagged by people I don't chat with, most often unnecessarily. I find that very annoying.

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