See How English Messed up This Teacher before Adams Oshiomhole

Tamuno Reuben
It was as if I knew what was coming when I posted on my Facebook page that "retaining your status as an illiterate is better than being an educated illiterate. At least we're aware that you were never educated." 

The truth is that what you don't know is bigger than you. There is now crime learning, even at old age. As a matter of fact, learning is a continuous process. Until you die, you will never stop learning.

I was encapsulated with startling amazement and pitiable laughter while watching this video clip of a teacher in Edo State who can't read the written English. After now some persons will ask me, "who English epp?" Well, I have nothing to tell you but see how the English language has disgraced this teacher in presence of the former governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole, and other dignitaries. What a shame! If you watch the video keenly, you will notice our own Patrick Obahiagbon. Lol!

Like my lecturer would say, "condolences!"

See the video clip HERE 


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