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You went beyond limitations to prove your sweetness in my life. In you I got employed by employers where so many employees were retrenched. In you I found recess as part of my job description where others were wailing  because of the vicious effects of recession. Where others are makers of the soles of people's shoes, in you I became a sole proprietor. Where so many were condemned, in you I became commendable by all and sundry. Where people were sued for one reason or the other, in you I was issued several certificates and appointment letters. Where the lives of many were frustrated, in you I had a divinely orchestrated life. Where death was the order of the day, in you I had endless breath.The list is just endless.

May the good Lord who sent you take you home safely even as He perfects all the aforementioned in 2017!


With Love,

Tammy Reuben.

A Letter to 2017

Dear 2017,

I have remained mute for a while seeing people according you eulogies due to your last digit which connotes perfection, with the strong belief that any imperfect situation in their lives shall be perfected during your reign. To some, you are a year of upliftment, restoration, breakthrough and plenty while to others, you are a year of unstoppable blessings, incessant testimonies, unmerited favour, financial freedom, long life and prosperity.

These prophetic proclamations by these persons are not new. They did same when they wanted to usher in your predecessors but their unshaken belief in your predecessors only turned them into cheap hawkers of propaganda when none of their declarations manifested in their lives. Although most of your predecessors have kept them totally disillusioned countless times, they have remained resolute in believing in you. Will you still behave like your predecessors who acted like our African leaders whose source of joy is the endless pains of the masses?

The reason for my silence is the uncertainty of what your reign will bring. Whether it will be an unforgettable reign of divine blessing or continuous ordeal to these persons who are earnestly waiting for your reign, is what I am not sure of. However, it will interest you to know that in spite of the hardship that encapsulated the reign of your immediate predecessor (2016), she was able to give employment to a few although many were retrenched. Amidst the recessed economic activities in the country, so many persons were able to go on recess in order to spend Christmastide with their families and loved ones. Many graduated, got married and even completed some unfinished projects.

Since government is a continuum, I urge you to continue from where your immediate predecessor (2016) stopped. Uplift those who call you upliftment; show undeserved favour to those who see you as a year of unmerited favour; restore what all those who see you as a year of restoration has lost; tell our maker(God Almighty) who has signed and sealed your arrival to elongate the lives of those who call you 'the year of long life'; constantly bless the pockets, purses and bank accounts of those who see you as a year of financial freedom; grant everybody their hearts' desires and place the person who is reading this letter above his/her equals. Make your reign satisfactory by blessing everyone accordingly. I know you will be great!

I wish you safest journey as I anticipate your arrival in few hours.

Yours faithfully,
Tammy Reuben.

The Type of Conversation That Will Ensue if MMM Eventually Returns.

I strongly believe many Nigerians will engage in this kind of conversation if MMM eventually returns in January as promised. Read below:

Emeka: Oboy u don hear say MMM don come back?

Chidi: Na who MMM epp? Dem wan come park d remaining one go back? Dia father yansh!

Mama Nkechi: Dis  one wey dem don come back, people go gree go put dia  moni again?

Chidi: who b mumu? After d mess wey dem put people for Xmas, dem still expect people to go provide help? Na only mumu fit do dat  one oh! Me I no try am at all.......! Our people say if dog bite u one time, na d dog dey craze but if u let d dog bite u two times, na u dey craze oh! I no fit allow MMM fool me twice. Never!

Emeka: But why people no go provide help?

Mama Nkechi: Emeka, you sef! U dey talk as if u no from Nigeria. Hmmm! Na only person we get mind fit carry im  moni go dash those 419 people. I no even get moni wey I go carry chop talk less of the one wey I wan go use dash person wey I no even sabi, all in the name of investment. Investment kill dem there!

Nkechi: Investors ko, ancestors ni! Mtcheeew!

Emeka: I no like d way ona dey reason at all! If people no provide help, how  d people wey don already provide help go take get dia moni back?

Nkechi: Na google u go ask that one na.

Mama Nkechi: Dat one concern dem oh! If I beg dem moni dem go gree give me? See Veronica wey don try collect her moni before, she still carry all go put because of stingy life and chop alone. I beg just #500 d oda day she say she no get but now she dey cry say her #300,000 dey for MMM. Nonsense! Anybody moni wey go loss, make e loss! Wetin concern agbero with overload?

Nkechi: Mama u don talk am finish. People too greedy! I no see any reason why aunty Vero no fit use the gain wey she don make from MMM put another hand, rather she join both her capital. E no reach her  well oh! See where big eye don keep her. After all MMM say use your spare moni. Yeye dey smell.

Chidi: Ona think say na only aunty Vero do dat rubbish? My friends too do am oh!

Emeka: make ona shut up abeg! Ona dey find who go dash ona moni always. Why ona no invest the little wey ona get like Aunty Vero so dat e go yield interest for ona.

Chidi: Emeka u be really mumu! She wey invest wetin come out?

Mama Nkechi: Ask am oh!  With im smelling mouth like goat shit.

Emeka: Chidi u sef dey support dem abi? I no tell u say dat  flat screen wey Nduka buy na from MMM moni? The 10k wey I dash u the other day, I no tell u say na part of my profit from my MMM investment? No wahala.

Chidi: And so? Why dem come crash for December wey people need dia  moni wella?

Emeka: dem no crash; dem jux stop transactions for a while because d people wey need moni plenty pass d ones wey wan deposit and me and u know say if dem continue like dat  tins no go work out fine so dem gat stop for a while but at least dem don come back as dem promise na.

Chidi: Make dem stay for dia promise land oh! Nothing concern me and dem.

Emeka: Na wa to you oh! Well, My advice to every MMM member na for dem to provide help as MMM don back oh, otherwise nobody go fit get help. If dem no heed to dis  advice, many people money don loss be dat  and MMM go crash kwata kwata! Make dem no say I no warn dem oohhhh! A word is enough for the wise. I don go.

Chidi: I hear you.

Nkechi: Chief Adviser!

Mama Nkechi: Abeg comot for my front make I enter house. You see any MMM member for here?

Do Not Follow Your Heart 2

My name is Jenewari...I am 17years old. I watched my father beat my mother till she lost her life. Put rightly, I saw my mother die in the arms of the man she bore 4 sons for. I am the eldest so I understand what was going on. My siblings were brainwashed into believing Momma fell ill and died. Of course, that is because that's what Papa told everyone including Momma's brothers. Thus, in a country where human life is meaningless, no one tried to find the truth or question Papa.

We live in a bungalow somewhere in Ewet Housing Estate in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state. So no one heard Momma's cries. I even had to tell Jason that Mama was praying to calm his incessant questions.

"Momma prays too loudly Jenewari?" "And must she cry?" Jason said one of those days.

"It is important we pray loud Jace,that way God would answer faster...and he knows we are serious" I replied.

Daddy started drinking too hard and came home after midnight. He molested Chisom the cleaner and she ran away. He did the same to Modupe the laundry girl and Mercy the cook. It was Monica who made the neighbours blink when she demanded sixteen thousand naira from daddy in front of the gate when Musa threw her out.

Daddy ran out of means to vent his frustration and guilt and seeing as how being intoxicated is his gateway to come home he started with Jason one night. He beat Jason for screaming about a roach: Jacob for being girlie: Jesse for refusing to eat: and me for being his son and looking like Momma.

That night when he cane back...before our routine beating I thought of grabbing a knife...
          "grab a knife and scare him away..." I thought
So...I grabbed a knife and walked into my room. Just then, Daddy came in...
          "all of you...w...w...aaaaaake up!" He staggered in and kicked Jacob and Jesse-we now sleep on the floor so we can be close to each other.
          "aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh..." Jason screamed.

My heart grew big and I felt it would explode. I was upset. Tired. Angry and I wanted no more of this. So I used the knife to scare him away...
He laid there in a pool of his own blood. 
I felt nothing
         No remorse

I picked up his phone...and called Momma's brother to come get us. He came. He got us. We sat there quietly. And I held my siblings as a mother hen would protect her chicks from a kite. Protectively. Even when the police came. I didn't let go. 

     "Jenewari, why is their so much blood coming from daddy's stomach? Isn't he going to put his piss-piss in our bumbum this night?"
I didn't answer...

He pulled my arm and asked again... "Jenewari, let's go and get ready before daddy beats us."
Everyone was thunderstrucked and flabbergasted. Maybe because Jason is 6 and he just said the unimaginable.

I was later released.
       They said I was a minor
And they called it self defense
The neighbours gossipped about it for days...
     I was indifferent
I would have done it all over again
Nobody blamed me...they simply said, "he followed his heart."


E.J. Alagoa's In Memory of Heroes: A Contributor to the Niger Delta History

As sugar gets the attention of ants and flies due to its sweetness, the Niger Delta, in the same vain has gotten the attention of many(far and near) since the discovery of oil at Oloibiri in Bayelsa State in 1956. Ever since the discovery of oil, the Federal Government had moved its attention to the Niger Delta region with the singular aim of oil exploitation and consequently leaving other sources of revenue generation, abandoned.

Despite the fact that the oil gotten from the Niger Delta region has been the major source of revenue generation for the nation, the people of Niger Delta still suffer negligence, poverty, environmental degradation, hardship, loss of farmland and fishing ground, deprivation of their own resources, leadership crisis etc. These have been part of the history and plight of the Niger Deltans.

E.J Alagoa's book, IN MEMORY OF HEROES which is divided into seven (7) chapters, extensively discusses such history and plight which this article is aimed at pointing out.
In chapter one, Alagoa recounts his Physical journey undertaken across Nigeria (particularly the Niger Delta) for the past sixty years to showcase how the nation has travelled. During his tour, he discovered that most of the system of communication through the waterways have been abandoned and the transport communication systems apparently favoured by the Nigerian government are transportation by air and transportation by road (P.7).The waterways can represent the Niger Delta region and the abandonment of the waterways as a system of communication by the Federal  Government simply depicts the level of negligence the people of the Niger Delta region suffer in the hands of the Federal Government.

Furthermore, the sense of neglect is especially rated in the instance of the building of access road in such a way that the Niger Delta is physically separated from other parts of Nigeria. The case of the access road to the Oil and Gas Terminal of Twon- Brass in Bayelsa State is a classic example of the failure of governance in even development and the evidence of lack of natural policy on communication for nation building. (P.4.)

These plights of the Niger Deltans and the attitude of neglect worn by the government have resulted to youth restiveness - youth being rebellious in order to demand for their rights, demand for resource control, fighting to be recognized in order to establish that national governance and justice, e.g. Militancy in the Niger Delta.

Alagoa in chapter two mentioned the heroes of the struggle for resource control and justice. Some of these heroes are: King Fredrick William Koko who mobilized the Nembe people and their allies along the River Nun to the Royal Niger company in the same manner that recent Izon militants have targeted the multinational oil corporations.(p.17)

Followed suit is Isaac Adaka Boro who organized young men to fight against the military government in 1966 but later mobilized to fight alongside Gen. Gowon’s Federal Government to liberate Rivers state, out of which Bayelsa State was created in 1996.

As a book which showcases the Niger Delta history, Alagwa in chapter three (3) brings to limelight the problems of the Niger Delta region since the discovery of oil. Crude oil exploitation began at Oloibiri in Bayelsa State in 1956 and this became the corner stone of the Nigerian economy. Rather than raise the profile and significance of the Niger Delta, this golden egg of the nation (crude oil) became a curse on the Niger Delta, bringing environmental degradation, loss of farmland and fishing ground, depriving the people of their resources on which their lives is depended. (p.25.) Indeed, the fortune of the Niger Delta communities have generally gone downward since 1960. With independence, the Niger Delta came under the direct control of their more populous neighbours.

Chapter four and five are historically based. Whereas chapter four talks about the reign of Kariboye Abbi The great and how great he was, chapter five gives a clear history of the ijaws/Niger Deltans in terms of their origin and relationship between the Benin people; how some parts of the Niger Delta originated from Benin. For instance, the Bakana Ama in Kalabari of Eastern Niger Delta.

The author in this chapter explicitly discussed the history of the Niger Deltans and their relationship with the Benin people using the geographical or regional approach. Such detailed historical account will no doubt make these people know their ancestors, place of origin and also afford us to test the validity of the idea in early Niger Delta historiography that Benin was the origin of the Ijo people.

In an address delivered to the Ogba Solidarity Association of Omoku, on Thursday, November 12, 2009, the author talks about the leadership crisis in the Niger Delta and this is contained in chapter six of the book. In this chapter, the author discussed the crisis of leadership in the Niger Delta and also proffer sustainable solutions ( solutions that can serve through current and future times) to such crisis.

In his discussion, Alagwa stated that, “The current leadership in the Niger Delta struggle is itself fragmented and separated from the traditional and even the modern political leadership system. It continues to pose critical challenges of leadership to every level of governance in this period of Amnesty in the Niger Delta.”

The solutions proffered by the writer if carried out, will no doubt create a positive impact in the leadership system of the Niger Delta.

Chapter seven which is the last chapter discusses the Ijaw nation as a moral community, stating different levels of awareness of morality found among the Ijaw people. The author uses proverbs to depict the Ijaw nation as a moral community and the explanation of such proverbs portrays the lifestyle and belief of the Ijaw people.

He also uses the deity, Egbesu and the obedience of the people to this deity to depict the Ijaw nation as a moral community as the decision to go to war was taken by the community in the conviction of a morally justified cause. (p.81.) The community members don’t just go to war without seeking or getting a go ahead from the Egbesu deity. All these portray the Ijaw nation as a moral community.

In conclusion, from the aforementioned points and chapter by chapter examination of E.J Alagwa’s IN MEMORY OF HEROES, it is crystal clear that the book is an historical book which discusses in detail, the history of the Niger Delta and as such will suit the ever increasing quest for knowledge and also serve as a guide for modern and traditional rulers in the Niger Delta and the country at large. Furthermore, it will educate angry youth on how to make their plight known to the government; enlighten the Niger Deltans about their origin and serve as a history book for the Niger Deltans. It is indeed a must read for all (especially the Niger Deltans). 

English Can Embarrass Somebody Sha!

If you feel you are helping me by reading my posts and tutorials, you need to have a rethink! Check out what inadequate knowledge of the English Language has caused a girl who is boasting of the twelve awards she won in a foreign university on her convocation day. Indeed, pride goes before a fall!

I can't stop applauding Desola for her savage response. See Desola's response below.
Many of us out there are like 'Badosneh younger sis'; we don't know the difference between "I'm and " am" yet we don't want to learn. 

"Am" cannot be used independently as it is always accompanied by the first person singular pronoun, "I" e.g. "I am" or "Am I" depending on the sentence structure.

On the other hand, "I'm" is the shortened or contracted form of "I am." Therefore, it is either you say "I am" or "I'm" and not "am" like "Badosneh younger sister."

Have the command of English by visiting this blog continuously.

Do Not Follow Your Heart 1

You may have heard this saying more times than you're willing to admit...

     "follow your heart" they say...
I am here to change that and brainfeed you that your heart is that part of your body you must never listen to. "Why?" you's simple!

As a Christian  girl who loves biology, I know what the heart stands for and what it represents in the human body. I also know that every human needs a heart to be alive but that old wife tale about following  your heart is indeed a tale.

So yes,this is it! "Do not follow your heart!" Old, young, toddler, "never! never follow your heart!"

Mary is a fifteen year old young beautiful girl bore out of adultery, promiscuity and sin. But God showed her so much love that she did not feel she was a cursed seed. And as every other teenager her age, Mary fell in love with Matthew. It was the perfect teenage hullabaloo. Their love started,grew and waxed stronger and Mary gave her most priced possession to Matthew because of course her heart belonged to Matthew.

She could not breathe without hearing from him...
     Not seeing him caused her heart to ache and she felt nauseous...
            Whenever they were together Mary felt a certain comfort,relief,satisfaction...the kind food could not give-not even shawarma and coke which was her best food-collabo.
Mary sought for help. She felt helpless... But people told her it was normal and she simply followed her heart.

At first, the sex was painful and guilt-bringing; later she felt comfortable and even terminated three pregnancies. The fourth went sour and Mary started loosing spark. She soon depreciated and her lips grew dark, her skin went pale. Her cheeks no longer held youthfulness and warmth. Her hands grew frail and skinny...her collarbones could hold water for days. Mary looked 14years older and soon everyone began to ask questions...but Mary was numb. She simply faked a smile that told the truth she hid. A doctor's report showed Mary is dying of CANCER. Chemo was a luxury her parents couldn't afford.
So Mary died a day before she turned sixteen.

              Everyone lamented
I wonder why?
              For Mary only followed her heart!



A series by Emy Josephs

12 Funny but Helpful Safety Tips!

I got this from a friend and Colleague(Destiny) and found it worth sharing. Let's learn to thread with caution
  • Never use car stickers that says where you work, especially if you have a prestigious job, don't let show off kill you.
  • Don't be the one that tries to empty the ATM machine by making large withdrawals ...You don't need 50k in your wallet to feel like a man.
  • When you attend parties, don't let the band get you so high that you start spraying money like no man's business, use an envelope.
  • Always delete your bank transaction notifications, especially really can memorize your bank balance....Shred ur POS/ATM receipts.
  • Don't go jogging while it's dark, you really should be smarter than that. If you can, get someone trusted as company.
  • Always lock your doors, even if you're only going out to switch off your generator.
  • NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER WEAR YOUR ID outside your work place. No one needs to know you work with Union Bank, don't be stupid.
  • Be accountable to your spouse or parents, let someone know where you are at every point, don't branch to Oworo when u should be in Ikeja.
  • As much as you can avoid it, don't send kids on errand outside your house, they are soft targets.
  • Don't try to form richest dude in the neigbourhood by making large donations in your estate meetings, learn modesty.
  • When you give, give with modesty and privately, learn to say "I can't spare that amount now". Stop doing Baba Olowo for the boys dem.
  • Get a dog if you can, apart from their awesomeness, a dog gives your house fear factor. You could take them with you for your morning walks.

Make safety the number one factor in your decision making this holiday, God will keep and protect you as you also apply discretion.

The Positive Effects of Recession in Nigeria

I am sure you might be wondering if recession actually has positive effects since you are only familiar with its negative effects (starvation, hike in the price of goods and services, high unemployment rate, retrenchment, delay in the payment of workers' salaries, dependency, death etc).

Currently, the Nigerian economy is recessed and in bid to survive in such economy, many Nigerians have been exposed to numerous ponzi schemes (MMM, Ultimate Cycler, Payee Cycler, Crowdrising, icharity, e-corporative etc). Undeniably, these ponzi schemes have met the needs of their members although they have also cut short the expectations of members, especially in this festive season.

Linguistically, these ponzi schemes have brought about new English lexicons through coinages and other forms of word formation. These new lexica are like registers which are understood by only members of a given profession. This article explains a few English words and phrasal verbs that have emerged due to Nigerians' contact with numerous ponzi schemes. These words are:

1. Provide Help (PH)
It is a phrasal verb and its acronym shouldn't deceive you. It doesn't mean 'Port Harcourt' but 'Provide Help.' In normal banking term, to 'provide help' simply means to deposit or pay in cash into someone's account. The term is associated with MMM and Givers' forum. To 'provide help' is the first thing every member of any ponzi scheme is expected to do before he/she can 'get help.' In other words, before any member of any  scheme can make withdrawal(s), he/she must first make cash deposit into the account of a fellow member that is assigned to him by the system.

2. Get Help (GH)
The first time someone sent me this phrasal verb (Get Help) with its acronym(GH) on WhatsApp, I thought he was referring to Ghana. He sent, 'I want to GH now.' I ignorantly replied his message, 'Do you mean you want to go to Ghana now?' Lol! He then laughed and explained to me what he actually meant.

'Get Help' is associated with MMM and Givers' forum and it simply means to withdraw. After providing help to a fellow member in the scheme, you can get help from whosoever the system is going to match you with. In other words, after depositing into a member's account, you can also make withdrawal. Usually, it takes a period of 30 days for you to get help, after you have provided help.

3. Purge/Delete
This term is associated with Ultimate Cycler. To purge/delete means to remove a member who has been matched to pay another member but has failed to pay within the stipulated time. In MMM it is called 'Block.' In any of the numerous ponzi schemes, the system automatically performs this action after 48 hours.

4. Mavro
It is an MMM term and it is derived from the name of the founder of MMM, Sergey P. Mavrodi. 'Mavro' is the amount that you can get help with. If you provided help with the sum of #20,000 and at the end of 30 days your mavro grew to #26,000, you can get help of #26,000. The sum of #26,000 becomes your mavro.

5. Mavrodian
A member of MMM (Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox) is called a mavrodian. It is also derived from the name of the founder of MMM.

6. Upline(r)
This term is associated with networking schemes( that is, schemes that are solely based on referral) like Ultimate Cycler, Payee Cycler, E-Corporative, icharity etc. Generally, 'Upline' is used as an adjective and it means a higher level in a hierarchical management structure. However, in networking schemes, this term has been norminalized. It means a person directly above your sponsor. Some persons even call it 'Upliner' in order to make it sound like a noun.

7. Downline(r)
On the other hand, your downline(r) is the person that is directly registered under you. The term 'downline(r)' is not in the dictionary but it is used and understood by members of these networking schemes.

8. Sponsor
In Ultimate Cycler, your sponsor is the person you are directly registered under using his/her referral link. Your sponsor directly registers under your upline(r). e.g. Upline----Sponsor----Downline.

Most of the aforementioned lexica are not found in the English dictionary but are used and well understood by participants of these schemes. Even the ones that can be found in the dictionary carry meanings that are different from their dictionary meanings when used among participants of these schemes. This is indeed the power of recession! From the popular statement, 'when the going gets tough, the tough gets going', I must say Nigerians are tough people; people who can survive in any given circumstance! Recession undoubtedly gave Nigerians an unavoidable quest---the quest for survival and such quest has resulted to new English lexicons. This positive outcome forms the title of this article.

Thanks for reading! You can also add to the list.

Ultimate Cycler Pays!

I know how MMM has spoilt your plans for the Xmas but that shouldn't make you neglect other opportunities because while you are there saying Ultimate Cycler is a scam, others are getting paid. One thing you should know is that Ultimate Cycler is totally different from MMM. Thus, you should give it a try.

I paid another three persons in my team today. Whereas one received 50k by self, the sum of #25,000 each was transfered into the accounts of the other two. The beneficiaries are: IBIBIA AMINA, TAMMY PICKETT and JOY IDERIMA. These are also their facebook IDs.You can chat them up for confirmation.

Remember, Ultimate Cycler can never crash but a team without a good team leader will definitely crash! Join my team and get your returns at the stipulated time.

Below are screenshots of the transactions:

Ultimate Cycler: My Team's Terms And Conditions

My recent obsession with the trending networking scheme, Ultimate Cycler(UC), has brought me into close contact with its realities. As an honest fellow, I don't publicize fallacies in order to get more members into my team. Most persons have gotten their #12,500 hanging due to the fallacious fallacies they got from team leaders who are only interested in their monies. Unfortunately, some persons will still become prey to such ordeal even after reading this.

You should never believe anybody who tells you that the system will match you with four persons who will pay you #12,500 each at the end of two weeks after registration even if you don't refer anybody. This is a big fat lie! It is not in the first stage. You only get matched with spillovers from your upline. The implication is that if your upline or sponsor does not have spillovers, you won't be matched till forever. Inarguably, this is the current predicament of many Cyclers.

To prevent existing and intending members of my team from such predicament, I decided to come up with a policy that will benefit all. This policy is applicable to all members(both existing and intending members).


You should know that Ultimate Cycler is a networking scheme and as such, doesn't pave way for idleness. Every member in my team must put in his/her little effort to achieve desired goals. In other words, you must refer/bring persons to register under you in order to get paid on time.

Even the bible encourages hardwork by stating that anyone who can't work, shouldn't eat. Furthermore, God promises to bless the works of hands, therefore you must work to be blessed. Before, it was stated that if you didn't refer anybody at all, you will be paid #25,000 within 7-10 days after registration. 

Fortunately, we had to make a U-turn in order to serve  our existing and intending team members better. The new policy is that for you to get #25,000, you must refer one person. In other words, if you at least succeeded in getting only one referral, you will be paid #25,000 within 7-10 days. When you refer only one person, the person is directly registered under you while our team helps you get two downlines who will be registered under your referral to pay you the 25k. This will hasten your payment and the decision is taken in order to serve you better since Ultimate Cycler is solely based on referral.

The scheme is actually designed for this kind of persons. As such, they will get their complete payment. Remember, you need 6 persons to complete your cycle in order to get the #50,000.
This how it goes in my team. If you refer two persons, you get your 50k within 3-7 days. If you refer three persons, you instantly get back your registration fee while you get the balance of #37,500 within 3-6 days. If you refer four persons, you get your 50k within 2-5 days. If you refer six persons, you get your 50k instantly.

1. There is no refund after registration as your registration fee will be deposited into your upline's account for him/her to activate your account.

2. Do not be deceived or carried away by the people who tell you you can get your 50k in two days even without referrals. Peter Wolfing, in one of his live broadcasts, countered this notion. The scheme is solely based on referrals. However, my team can accommodate you and put smile on your face if you feel you can't get referrals but please carefully read the terms governing such category.

3. Ultimate Cycler does not crash; only a team without a good team leader,crashes.

4. My team is built on accountability and transparency! I am a promise keeper.

5. Distance is never a barrier. I pay my team members through mobile transfer.

6. I know trust is a difficult thing but if you could trust me on this, I would make you trust me more.

7. Together, we can be financially Independent!

I don't have a UC WhatsApp group unlike others but you can call or WhatsApp me on either of these numbers: 08035232107, 08127076342. They are my primary numbers.

Why You Should Invest In Ultimate Cycler

It amuses and amazes me the way Nigerians react to certain situations. Most times I feel  they are encapsulated by the vicious shelter of ignorance, hence their unavoidable ruly behaviours. The most shameful and annoying part is when the elites take seriously the unconfirmed stories of the uneducated ones, especially on civilised matters. Yes! I know what I am talking about. I am aware of how most persons(especially youths), approached the persons who registered  them on Ultimate Cycler, requesting for a refund of their #12,500 simply because they knew them. Now that MMM has frozen all confirmed mavros of its members(which you might be part of), who will you approach for refund? Perhaps you are thinking of creating another account with Ultimate Cycler now that the site is up and running.If you are such a person, it is high time you lived above childishness. 

I will not cease to say 'kudos' to members of my team who left their monies in my hands on trust amidst all negative reports baptizing Ultimate Cycler. I must say I'm very lucky, blessed and fortunate to have civilized men and women, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, as team members. I will start making payments into their different accounts from today since I have succeeded in registering and pairing them.

In this article, I will state the things I told my team members that made them calm and consequently had an unshakened confidence in Peter Wolfing. If after this exposition you still feel that Ultimate Cycler is a scam, I must say your level of ignorance is unacceptable:

1 The Presence of an active CEO. One thing that should 'ginger your swagger' and make you invest in Ultimate Cycler is the presence of an active and living CEO. Unlike other ponzi schemes where Admins/CEOs only write and post on members' dashboard or where you hardly/don't see the CEOs addressing their members in difficult situations, Ultimate Cycler has a CEO (Peter Wolfing) who kept on advising his members to be calm while he and his team upgraded the site to accommodate more persons and improve users' experience.

2. Quick Returns
In Ultimate Cycler, your money doesn't stay till the end of 30 days for it to yield huge interest. You use a little token of #12,500 to get #50,000 within 3-7 days. However, you must be in an active team to achieve this. Don't believe anybody that tells you that even if you don't bring anybody, the system will match you with four persons that will pay you #12,500 each at the end of two weeks. It is not true.

In Ultimate Cycler, you must put in little effort to get paid by bringing in at least one person into the system.As you bring one, the person you bring, brings in another person and so on. The system only matches you with spillovers from your upliner. That is why you need not to register under an inactive team. If you are not registered yet or you want register a second account, you can call or WhatsApp me on 2348127076342. Distance is never a barrier as your money will be paid into your account by me. The question is 'can you trust me?'. Well, the choice is yours.

3. The New Design
Don't forget there is a cloned version of Ultimate Cycler known as 'Ultimate Cycler Plus', initiated by lazy and hungry fraudsters who try to build success on the creativity of others. Peter Wolfing had to change the design of his site in his latest update in order to make a sharp dichotomy between the 'original' and 'aba made' Ultimate Cycler. He is indeed an experienced business man who has been in business for 26 years. 

Unfortunately, impatience has made many Nigerians to be part and parcel of the 'cloned' version. The biblical saying, 'those who endure till the end shall eat the fruit of the land' is now evident. I am really enjoying the updated Ultimate Cycler. The update actually worths  the wait. Thumbs up for Peter Wolfing! See images below and don't be a victim:

The latest login page of the 'original' Ultimate Cycler

4. Ultimate Cycler can never crash! If this is your fear, forget it! Don't get it twisted. Ultimate Cycler never crashed! The site was only taken down for upgrade so it can accommodate more users at a time. 

Undoubtedly, Peter Wolfing kept to his promise by relaunching the site which has additinal unique features that will improve your experience, at exactly 3pm (American time) and 9pm (Nigerian time) on Friday,December 16, 2016.  According to Peter Wolfing, it has been built and programmed to accommodate more than 5 million members, come 2017. It also came with a new login address:

Again, it won't crash because nobody provides help and nobody gets help. You pay your money to another member on registration before your account can be activated. That is why you are matched with another member immediately after your registration. If you fail to do that after 48 hours, the system deletes you.

5. Ultimate Cycler is not a scam. How is it a scam when your #12,500 is not paid into Peter Wolfing's account  but the account of a fellow Nigerian. Unlike MMM, in Ultimate Cycler you know the person whose account you are paying into. If you don't know the person, your friend does.

I should stop here for now. In subsequent articles on Ultimate Cycler, I will tell you more. If you have any question, don't hesitate to use the comment box. If you are also interested in being part of my team, you can indicate your interest via the comment box. Thanks!

MMM Freezes All Confirmed Mavros Of Its Members

Could this be the pitiable fate of Nigerians in this Xmas season or one of the shenanigans of these ponzi schemes or are the gods angry with Nigerians? Well, I don't know but I think something is wrong somewhere.

While affected Nigerians are yet to get over the incessant weariness and disappointment caused by Peter Wolfing's inability to launch the phase two server of the Ultimate Cycler on Sunday as promised, the father of all ponzi schemes, MMM, has added salt to injury by freezing all confirmed mavros of its members for a month.

In the early hours of today, the administration of the scheme took to the dashboards of its members a post that reads:
One-Month Freezing of Confirmed Mavros 
Dear members! 
As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing heavy workload. Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media. The things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.) 
Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month. 
The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do). 
We hope for your understanding,Administration
Going by this notice, members of the scheme will not be allowed to 'get help' till January, 2017 as their 'available for withdrawal' keeps showing zero naira(#0) since the notice was posted.

The questions are:
  • What will be fate of those Nigerians who had planned their Xmas with the 30% bonus of their investments?
  • Is this a way of saying goodbye to Nigerians?
  • Will MMM keep to its promise after one month as stipulated on the notice?
  • Will you still be a part of the scheme if MMM keeps to its promise?

The decision taken by the management of MMM is to protect its interest and that of its members. We all know the period we are in comes with lots of festivities and the possibility of members getting help this period is about 90.5%. If about 90.5% members of the scheme should get help, who will then pay the 30% bonus to these persons? Do you think the remaining 9.5% members(who might not get help)will be able to pay these 90.5% members? It is also important to note that MMM does not have a central account; members pay themselves.

Some members might have even thought of quitting the scheme after getting help this period. To avoid all these, the management had to come up with this idea of not being able to withdraw or get help in order to  keep members in the scheme till January when every member will be willing to invest again.

Though it is a good strategy especially in business, what becomes of those who had built the walls of their Xmas on the help they are going to get soon from the monies they've invested in the scheme? If all confirmed macros are frozen, I don't think members who have provided help can get help. Do you think there is a way out?

However, below is another interpretation of this notice, presumably from the admin of MMM:

To All Nigerians: IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM MMM Nigeria. A Must Read! 
Following a message on the MMM website this morning, 13/12/2016, many have misinterpreted it to mean MMM has been suspended for a month, but the part which made people think that is quoted as follows:  
"Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month."- MMM Admin. 
Please this statement does not in any way mean that MMM activities have been suspended for a month, it only means that the usual two weeks RELEASE DATE will no longer hold, ur mavro must complete a month. all get help are still going to be paid, if u provide help 2day, ur release date will be one month from now. keep providing n getting help. Please rebroadcast this message till it becomes clear to everybody. It's rather unfortunate that even some MMM guiders got this message wrong. Thanks.

Ultimate Cycler Website 'Cloned!'

While participants of the trending ponzi scheme, Ultimate Cycler patiently await the launch of the phase 2 server that will enable them register new members, some fraudsters have decided to take advantage of such endless wait by cloning the Ultimate Cycler website.

This post aims at informing the general public, especially members of the trending ponzi scheme, ultimate cycler, that there is a 'cloned' website of the original ultimate cycler with the name 'Ultimate Cycler Plus' having its address as:

This 'cloned' website is initiated by fraudsters with the intention of getting your original ultimate cycler account details. Please don't visit the site let alone logging in!

Let's anticipate the epic launch of our one and only Ultimate Cycler tomorrow! In other words, the phase 2 server will be launched tomorrow so as to enable new sign ups.

Below is an image of the 'cloned' website. Please don't be a victim! I will keep you updated.