Ultimate Cycler Pays!

Ultimate Cycler Pays!


I know how MMM has spoilt your plans for the Xmas but that shouldn't make you neglect other opportunities because while you are there saying Ultimate Cycler is a scam, others are getting paid. One thing you should know is that Ultimate Cycler is totally different from MMM. Thus, you should give it a try.

I paid another three persons in my team today. Whereas one received 50k by self, the sum of #25,000 each was transfered into the accounts of the other two. The beneficiaries are: IBIBIA AMINA, TAMMY PICKETT and JOY IDERIMA. These are also their facebook IDs.You can chat them up for confirmation.

Remember, Ultimate Cycler can never crash but a team without a good team leader will definitely crash! Join my team and get your returns at the stipulated time.

Below are screenshots of the transactions:

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