Ultimate Cycler: My Team's Terms And Conditions

Ultimate Cycler: My Team's Terms And Conditions

My recent obsession with the trending networking scheme, Ultimate Cycler(UC), has brought me into close contact with its realities. As an honest fellow, I don't publicize fallacies in order to get more members into my team. Most persons have gotten their #12,500 hanging due to the fallacious fallacies they got from team leaders who are only interested in their monies. Unfortunately, some persons will still become prey to such ordeal even after reading this.

You should never believe anybody who tells you that the system will match you with four persons who will pay you #12,500 each at the end of two weeks after registration even if you don't refer anybody. This is a big fat lie! It is not in the first stage. You only get matched with spillovers from your upline. The implication is that if your upline or sponsor does not have spillovers, you won't be matched till forever. Inarguably, this is the current predicament of many Cyclers.

To prevent existing and intending members of my team from such predicament, I decided to come up with a policy that will benefit all. This policy is applicable to all members(both existing and intending members).


You should know that Ultimate Cycler is a networking scheme and as such, doesn't pave way for idleness. Every member in my team must put in his/her little effort to achieve desired goals. In other words, you must refer/bring persons to register under you in order to get paid on time.

Even the bible encourages hardwork by stating that anyone who can't work, shouldn't eat. Furthermore, God promises to bless the works of hands, therefore you must work to be blessed. Before, it was stated that if you didn't refer anybody at all, you will be paid #25,000 within 7-10 days after registration. 

Fortunately, we had to make a U-turn in order to serve  our existing and intending team members better. The new policy is that for you to get #25,000, you must refer one person. In other words, if you at least succeeded in getting only one referral, you will be paid #25,000 within 7-10 days. When you refer only one person, the person is directly registered under you while our team helps you get two downlines who will be registered under your referral to pay you the 25k. This will hasten your payment and the decision is taken in order to serve you better since Ultimate Cycler is solely based on referral.

The scheme is actually designed for this kind of persons. As such, they will get their complete payment. Remember, you need 6 persons to complete your cycle in order to get the #50,000.
This how it goes in my team. If you refer two persons, you get your 50k within 3-7 days. If you refer three persons, you instantly get back your registration fee while you get the balance of #37,500 within 3-6 days. If you refer four persons, you get your 50k within 2-5 days. If you refer six persons, you get your 50k instantly.

1. There is no refund after registration as your registration fee will be deposited into your upline's account for him/her to activate your account.

2. Do not be deceived or carried away by the people who tell you you can get your 50k in two days even without referrals. Peter Wolfing, in one of his live broadcasts, countered this notion. The scheme is solely based on referrals. However, my team can accommodate you and put smile on your face if you feel you can't get referrals but please carefully read the terms governing such category.

3. Ultimate Cycler does not crash; only a team without a good team leader,crashes.

4. My team is built on accountability and transparency! I am a promise keeper.

5. Distance is never a barrier. I pay my team members through mobile transfer.

6. I know trust is a difficult thing but if you could trust me on this, I would make you trust me more.

7. Together, we can be financially Independent!

I don't have a UC WhatsApp group unlike others but you can call or WhatsApp me on either of these numbers: 08035232107, 08127076342. They are my primary numbers.