The Type of Conversation That Will Ensue if MMM Eventually Returns.

The Type of Conversation That Will Ensue if MMM Eventually Returns.

I strongly believe many Nigerians will engage in this kind of conversation if MMM eventually returns in January as promised. Read below:

Emeka: Oboy u don hear say MMM don come back?

Chidi: Na who MMM epp? Dem wan come park d remaining one go back? Dia father yansh!

Mama Nkechi: Dis  one wey dem don come back, people go gree go put dia  moni again?

Chidi: who b mumu? After d mess wey dem put people for Xmas, dem still expect people to go provide help? Na only mumu fit do dat  one oh! Me I no try am at all.......! Our people say if dog bite u one time, na d dog dey craze but if u let d dog bite u two times, na u dey craze oh! I no fit allow MMM fool me twice. Never!

Emeka: But why people no go provide help?

Mama Nkechi: Emeka, you sef! U dey talk as if u no from Nigeria. Hmmm! Na only person we get mind fit carry im  moni go dash those 419 people. I no even get moni wey I go carry chop talk less of the one wey I wan go use dash person wey I no even sabi, all in the name of investment. Investment kill dem there!

Nkechi: Investors ko, ancestors ni! Mtcheeew!

Emeka: I no like d way ona dey reason at all! If people no provide help, how  d people wey don already provide help go take get dia moni back?

Nkechi: Na google u go ask that one na.

Mama Nkechi: Dat one concern dem oh! If I beg dem moni dem go gree give me? See Veronica wey don try collect her moni before, she still carry all go put because of stingy life and chop alone. I beg just #500 d oda day she say she no get but now she dey cry say her #300,000 dey for MMM. Nonsense! Anybody moni wey go loss, make e loss! Wetin concern agbero with overload?

Nkechi: Mama u don talk am finish. People too greedy! I no see any reason why aunty Vero no fit use the gain wey she don make from MMM put another hand, rather she join both her capital. E no reach her  well oh! See where big eye don keep her. After all MMM say use your spare moni. Yeye dey smell.

Chidi: Ona think say na only aunty Vero do dat rubbish? My friends too do am oh!

Emeka: make ona shut up abeg! Ona dey find who go dash ona moni always. Why ona no invest the little wey ona get like Aunty Vero so dat e go yield interest for ona.

Chidi: Emeka u be really mumu! She wey invest wetin come out?

Mama Nkechi: Ask am oh!  With im smelling mouth like goat shit.

Emeka: Chidi u sef dey support dem abi? I no tell u say dat  flat screen wey Nduka buy na from MMM moni? The 10k wey I dash u the other day, I no tell u say na part of my profit from my MMM investment? No wahala.

Chidi: And so? Why dem come crash for December wey people need dia  moni wella?

Emeka: dem no crash; dem jux stop transactions for a while because d people wey need moni plenty pass d ones wey wan deposit and me and u know say if dem continue like dat  tins no go work out fine so dem gat stop for a while but at least dem don come back as dem promise na.

Chidi: Make dem stay for dia promise land oh! Nothing concern me and dem.

Emeka: Na wa to you oh! Well, My advice to every MMM member na for dem to provide help as MMM don back oh, otherwise nobody go fit get help. If dem no heed to dis  advice, many people money don loss be dat  and MMM go crash kwata kwata! Make dem no say I no warn dem oohhhh! A word is enough for the wise. I don go.

Chidi: I hear you.

Nkechi: Chief Adviser!

Mama Nkechi: Abeg comot for my front make I enter house. You see any MMM member for here?