Why You Should Invest In Ultimate Cycler

It amuses and amazes me the way Nigerians react to certain situations. Most times I feel  they are encapsulated by the vicious shelter of ignorance, hence their unavoidable ruly behaviours. The most shameful and annoying part is when the elites take seriously the unconfirmed stories of the uneducated ones, especially on civilised matters. Yes! I know what I am talking about. I am aware of how most persons(especially youths), approached the persons who registered  them on Ultimate Cycler, requesting for a refund of their #12,500 simply because they knew them. Now that MMM has frozen all confirmed mavros of its members(which you might be part of), who will you approach for refund? Perhaps you are thinking of creating another account with Ultimate Cycler now that the site is up and running.If you are such a person, it is high time you lived above childishness. 

I will not cease to say 'kudos' to members of my team who left their monies in my hands on trust amidst all negative reports baptizing Ultimate Cycler. I must say I'm very lucky, blessed and fortunate to have civilized men and women, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, as team members. I will start making payments into their different accounts from today since I have succeeded in registering and pairing them.

In this article, I will state the things I told my team members that made them calm and consequently had an unshakened confidence in Peter Wolfing. If after this exposition you still feel that Ultimate Cycler is a scam, I must say your level of ignorance is unacceptable:

1 The Presence of an active CEO. One thing that should 'ginger your swagger' and make you invest in Ultimate Cycler is the presence of an active and living CEO. Unlike other ponzi schemes where Admins/CEOs only write and post on members' dashboard or where you hardly/don't see the CEOs addressing their members in difficult situations, Ultimate Cycler has a CEO (Peter Wolfing) who kept on advising his members to be calm while he and his team upgraded the site to accommodate more persons and improve users' experience.

2. Quick Returns
In Ultimate Cycler, your money doesn't stay till the end of 30 days for it to yield huge interest. You use a little token of #12,500 to get #50,000 within 3-7 days. However, you must be in an active team to achieve this. Don't believe anybody that tells you that even if you don't bring anybody, the system will match you with four persons that will pay you #12,500 each at the end of two weeks. It is not true.

In Ultimate Cycler, you must put in little effort to get paid by bringing in at least one person into the system.As you bring one, the person you bring, brings in another person and so on. The system only matches you with spillovers from your upliner. That is why you need not to register under an inactive team. If you are not registered yet or you want register a second account, you can call or WhatsApp me on 2348127076342. Distance is never a barrier as your money will be paid into your account by me. The question is 'can you trust me?'. Well, the choice is yours.

3. The New Design
Don't forget there is a cloned version of Ultimate Cycler known as 'Ultimate Cycler Plus', initiated by lazy and hungry fraudsters who try to build success on the creativity of others. Peter Wolfing had to change the design of his site in his latest update in order to make a sharp dichotomy between the 'original' and 'aba made' Ultimate Cycler. He is indeed an experienced business man who has been in business for 26 years. 

Unfortunately, impatience has made many Nigerians to be part and parcel of the 'cloned' version. The biblical saying, 'those who endure till the end shall eat the fruit of the land' is now evident. I am really enjoying the updated Ultimate Cycler. The update actually worths  the wait. Thumbs up for Peter Wolfing! See images below and don't be a victim:

The latest login page of the 'original' Ultimate Cycler

4. Ultimate Cycler can never crash! If this is your fear, forget it! Don't get it twisted. Ultimate Cycler never crashed! The site was only taken down for upgrade so it can accommodate more users at a time. 

Undoubtedly, Peter Wolfing kept to his promise by relaunching the site which has additinal unique features that will improve your experience, at exactly 3pm (American time) and 9pm (Nigerian time) on Friday,December 16, 2016.  According to Peter Wolfing, it has been built and programmed to accommodate more than 5 million members, come 2017. It also came with a new login address:

Again, it won't crash because nobody provides help and nobody gets help. You pay your money to another member on registration before your account can be activated. That is why you are matched with another member immediately after your registration. If you fail to do that after 48 hours, the system deletes you.

5. Ultimate Cycler is not a scam. How is it a scam when your #12,500 is not paid into Peter Wolfing's account  but the account of a fellow Nigerian. Unlike MMM, in Ultimate Cycler you know the person whose account you are paying into. If you don't know the person, your friend does.

I should stop here for now. In subsequent articles on Ultimate Cycler, I will tell you more. If you have any question, don't hesitate to use the comment box. If you are also interested in being part of my team, you can indicate your interest via the comment box. Thanks!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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