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Karina's Boo Finally Takes Her off the Market After 7 Years of Dating

The 7 years old relationship of these lovebirds had a little taste of its sweet climax when the lover boy, Engr. Okwuoyibo Michael Ifeanyichukwu turned his birthday party into an engagement party.

In what is best described as a perfect wedding proposal party, held on Wednesday, August 30, at Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt, Okwuoyibo Michael Ifeanyichukwu, a graduate of Petroleum Engineering, made known his intention of taking his long time girlfriend, Fortune Mie-Johnson, a graduate of English and Literary Studies, as a wife by encapsulating her with his unending love amidst friends, relatives and well wishers.

On a telephone conversation with Miss Fortune Mie-Johnson, she disclosed that she was taken aback with the way things were set up and saw everything as a prank until he presented a ring in front of her, asking her to marry him. She said she had every reason to feel that way because her fiancé didn't give her any prior notice; he only told her to go out with him, and she followed him without hesitation since it was his birthday.

Her words:
It was actually his birthday and I thought we were going out so I followed and a ring was what I got.

The lover girl who vehemently professed her love for her boo, told Tammy's English blog to get ready as the wedding bell will soon be rung.

Watch the lover boy fixing the ring HERE
CLICK HERE to view some pictures on the magical moment.

Congrats to them!

I6 Obvious Facts about the English Language That You Were Ignorant of

Do you think you know all about the English language due to your high level of competence in the language? Well, whether your answer is yes or no, I'm very sure you will learn something novel in this post. Below are a few facts about the English language:

1. Do you know that the English language has about 1.5 billion speakers in the world? Here is a breakdown - the language has about 400 million native speakers; 400 million people speak it as a second language, and about 600-700 million people learn/speak it as a foreign language.

2. According to Oxford dictionary editors, about 1000 - 2000 new words are added to the English dictionary every year. That is why some updated dictionaries (especially online dictionaries) now have words like "pepperish", "insultive", "emoji", "selfie", "twerking" or "disvirgin".

3. The longest word in the English language consists of 45 letters, and it's "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"

4. Did you know that the original name for a "butterfly" was a "flutterby"?

5. The English language has more words that begin with an "S" than any other letter.

6. Do you know "I, you, who, mother, father, ashes and worm" are some of the oldest English words?

7. The verb "go" is the shortest sentence in the English language! Are you surprised? Use the comment box to ask why.

8. In English, a single word can form a meaningful sentence.
9. Currently, English has only two words that end in "gry", and they are "hungry and angry".

10. The letters "ough" can be pronounced 7 different ways. Pronounce the letters "ough" in the following words: rough, coughed, thought, through, borough/thorough, though drought.

11. English as a language has different dialects (American English, British English, Nigerian English, South African English etc), and there are many dialects even within the same region. There are 24 different dialects in the U.S alone and about 56 in the British isle.

12. The most commonly used word in English language is "I".

13. The word "swims" will still be "swims" even when turned upside down.

14. New words are added to the English dictionary every two hours.

15. The word "girl" was used to refer to a child regardless of the gender.

16. The indefinite article "a" is the shortest meaningful word in the English language. It usually precedes a word that begins with a consonant sound.

How was the ride? A daily visit to this blog will always keep you in good terms with the English language. Therefore, you are expected to always do the needful – always visit!

See the Longest English Word and How to Pronounce It

Just yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine, Jiffy Bond, shared the longest English word with me, and I felt I should share it with you guys too. He never taught me how to pronounce it so I dedicated my night learning how to pronounce this word, which I will also teach you in this post.
See the Longest English Word and How to Pronounce It
This word which is 45 letters long is referred to a lung disease caused by silica dust. When you inhale a large amount of the fine ash and dust, it causes a lung disease called Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Now let me break this word into separate words for easy pronunciation.
In some dictionaries, the "silico" is spelt as "silica", which I'm very sure is a way of making the spelling tally with the "SILICA" dust. So you might as well see something like this:

You can learn how to pronounce this word now. It is pronounced as spelt, but the "P" that starts the word is silent.

Some Pidgin Expressions Whose English Translation You Might Not Know

In linguistics, it is an offence to regard one language as inferior to the other as every language has its linguistic features that make it unique and distinct. The English language might be accorded a very high prestige because of its formalized structure, mutual intelligibility across the globe and the context (environment) in which it is used, but that doesn't make Pidgin an inferior variety. Pidgin is just a simplified form of the English Language. Well, that's a story for another day.
However, this so called simplified variety (Pidgin) sometimes tries to test the linguistic competence of second learners of English to prove that it is not as simple as they think let alone an inferior variety by presenting to them certain expressions whose English translations can easily be done by someone who is really competent in the language. These expressions are:

1. How many years I take senior you?
This question actually made its round on Pulse TV and Facebook, and most persons who were asked to translate it in English could not answer it correctly. The correct English translation of this Pidgin question is "what is our age difference?".

2. The okro soup dey draw well well.
99% of the callers could not translate this expression in English When Akas Baba of 94.1 Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt, asked them to do so. The English translation of this expression is "the okro soup is very slimy".
3. Yam wey don done don done.
It sounds funny. Isn't it? That's Pidgin for you. The English translation of this expression is, "a yam that is fully cooked is done". "Done" is not just the past participle of the verb "do"; it also means a food that is completely cooked.

The truth is that these Pidgin expressions can take anyone off balance when asked to translate them in English. At least this should tell you that Pidgin is also unique. Meanwhile, should you have other Pidgin expressions whose English translations you don't know, kindly use the comment box to state them and I will reply your comments as soon as possible.

See What Omission of a Letter in a Word Has Caused in this Marriage

This post by a Facebook user confirms that letters (i.e. the English alphabet) are as powerful as punctuation marks in English. If not properly handled, they can kill, destroy or make alive. See the power of the omission of the letter, "e" in this post.

The post reads:

One spelling mistake can destroy a marriage!
A husband wrote a message to his wife on his official trip and forgot to add 'e' at the end of a word,
"I am having such a wonderful time!
Wish you were her !" 
If u are the wife what will u do?
Ns if u are d guy how will u explain to her dah it's an error?? Cuz u wanna ryt 'here' nd nt 'her'

Did you notice any omission? If you did, aside the question asked by this facebook user, what do you actually think will happen to this marriage?

Wrong English Words That Are Now Present in Some Online English Dictionaries

Learning the English language requires dedication and commitment. The moment you distant yourself from it, you become a stranger to it when you revisit it. This is as a result of its dynamic nature, which cuts across word meaning and word formation. With time, the meanings of certain words in the English language change. While some words become obsolete, new words are formed on a daily basis, waiting to be incorporated in the latest edition of any dictionary.

This article reveals some wrong English words (mostly used by second learners of English) that are now present in some online dictionaries. Years back, the general acceptance and usage of these words by second learners of English almost projected these words as correct English words but for their absence in the English dictionaries. 

However, these words are now found in some online dictionaries. Does that mean they are now officially declared correct? Can we use them in our official writings? Do native speakers of English understand them? Well, I will let you ponder on that.

These words include:
1. Pepperish
This word is very common among Nigerian English speakers to mean what the native speakers refer to as "peppery". In fact, it is considered very incorrect when used in formal writings and spoken English. However, the online dictionaries, "Merriam Webster Dictionary" and "Oxford Living Dictionaries", now have it as a word.

2. Disvirgin
The correct form of this word is "deflower", that is, to take away one's virginity. "Disvirgin" is used among Nigerian English speakers to mean "deflower", and it's not present in most English dictionaries. As a matter of fact, I have only seen it in one English dictionary app.
English app
3. Insultive
This word is about 0.01% as common as insulting among native speakers and does not appear in most English dictionaries. This has made its usage unacceptable in both spoken and written English, especially in formal settings. However, has it as a word which embodies same meaning as insulting. The online dictionary also explains it to mean a slang in American English.
Having said that, I will advise you still stick to the correct forms (peppery, deflower and insulting) of the aforementioned words because of their mutual intelligibility in the international community. Don't hesitate to use the comment box to state your views on this topic. We learn every day!

List of English Words Whose Initials You Must Write in Uppercase

Are you aware that there are some English words whose initials you don't tamper with? You must ensure that their initials are always written in capital letters. I call them "The king pins of English", but the English man calls them "Proper Nouns."
However, there are other words that are neither proper nouns nor king pins of English, but also enjoy this rare privilege because of the orthography of the language or their position in a sentence. This article reveals all of these words:

1. The first letter of a sentence or after a full stop, question mark and exclamation mark.
You don't begin a sentence with a small letter, and in course of writing, you don't  begin a new sentence with a small letter either, after ending the previous one with a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark.
Children of this generation really need the mercy of God. What a lost generation! The eyes could no longer behold what they see.

Please take note of the bold words. The "C" in "children" is written in uppercase because it begins the sentence. The "w" in "what" and the "T" in "the" are in uppercase because they begin a new sentence, after the end of the previous ones with a full stop and an exclamation mark.

Another thing you should note is that "children", "what" and "the" are not proper nouns, but because of their positions in the sentences, their initials are capitalized.

2. Days of the week and months of the year
On no account should you write the initials of the days of the week or the months of the year in lowercase. Whether they appear in the beginning, middle or at the end of a sentence, they must be written in uppercase.
I was born on August 23, 2016.
I hate Mondays.
He came to my house on Sunday but didn't stay long.

3. Names of persons, cities, villages, states, schools, institutions, countries and towns
The initials of all the aforementioned must be capitalized.
  • Niger Delta Development Commission
  • First City Monument Bank
  • Olu Model Schools
  • Juliet, America, Lagos, Ibadan, Amassoma, Rumuola etc.
4. Special Titles
Examples:The Tamunos, The Principal, The Manager, etc.

5. The different names of God
Whatever name or title you call or give to God in your dialect, make sure the initial is written in capital letter. Examples: Chukwu, Allah, God, Oluwa, Tamuno, etc.

6. The first person singular pronoun
Most persons make the mistake of writing the first person singular pronoun, "I" in lowercase, especially when it is written in the middle of a sentence. The first person singular pronoun should always be in uppercase, irrespective of its position in a sentence.
  • love Tammy's English blog.
  • You and I will be travelling to Abuja tomorrow.
It is worthy of note to state that the pronoun, "I", is not a proper noun but enjoys the benefit of a proper noun because of the orthography of the language.

Surprising! JAMB Sets New Cut off Marks for all Tertiary Institutions

What you are going to read in this article will keep you dumbfounded for a while, but you just have to get used to uncommon truths. Now to the crux of the matter.
The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the cut off marks for Nigerian tertiary institutions while also lifting the ban for post UTME examination. Rather than increasing or maintaining the existing cut off mark for universities (180), the board slashed it to a mind-blowing figure.

According to Premium Times, these decisions were taken at the 2017 Combined Policy Meetings on Admissions into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria which ended on Tuesday, August 22.

Below are the new cut off marks for all tertiary institutions in the country:

1. The minimum cut off mark for universities - 120

2. For Polytechnics and Colleges of Education - 100

3. For Innovative Enterprising Institutes - 110

However, institutions were allowed to raise their cut off marks above JAMB’s stipulation.

Other things agreed on are:

1. Admissions into public degree awarding institutions for the 2017 UTME examination will end on 15th January, 2018 while private institutions will end theirs on 31st January, 2018.

2. Decisions on first choice candidates by universities are expected to be completed by October 15, and second choice candidates will end on December 15.

3. The rest of the students seeking admission will be available for other institutions till the January closing dates.

JAMB's registrar, Ishaq Oloyede, said a Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) will be used to streamline admission processes among institutions based on challenges associated with the former approach. One of these challenges he noted was the problem of illegal admission:
About 17,160 students were admitted without JAMB across institutions in Nigeria.
According to him, the new process allows the registrar to approve all candidates. 

NOTE: The Federal Government has given all tertiary institutions the freedom to conduct screening or post UTME exercise for candidates seeking admission into any institution.

6 Questions Women Shouldn't Ask Men During S3x

Generally speaking, men love women who are very vocal in bed, and what they want to hear are those pleasurable moans uttered by women during s3x. This boosts their morale and gives them that confidence that they are hitting the right spots.

However, most women seem not to understand the power of this pleasurable moan. Instead of being engrossed with the act in order to subconsciously or unconsciously let out this pleasurable moan, they tend to engage the man in an interview, which unknowingly to them vexes him. Well, men will always be men. They will tolerate it until the milk is out. But if you want to make your man happy, avoid asking him these questions while in the act. You will only get the wrong answers to these questions if you ask them during the mutual combat.

These questions are:

1. Do you love me?
Hehehe! What if he tells you no? Probability you will push him away and hurriedly put on your cloths. You will hardly get the right answer to this question during s3x. You know a man who loves you through his actions and not words, even if both of you have had s3x several times. Unfortunately, women are mostly moved by what they hear. Please, avoid this question during the act.

2. What are we now?
You are enemies. What a dumb question! Although most women reserve this question till after s3x, some babes spew it during the act. Men find it very unsexy. Only a few will tell you.

3. What are you trying to do?
How can you ask him such a question after you've probably been kissing him and touching his vital organs and letting him feel yours for about some minutes? What do you expect will follow? Or do you think he is undressing you for Miss Nudity or  to bathe you? Asking this question only ruins the moment. If you are not ready, don't make any move in the first place.

4. Do you think I’m overweight?
Gone are those days when fat is attributed to good living. Weight is now a sensitive issue that many women (even men) are insecure about, and such insecurity is the instigator of this question.

Why the insecurity? Aren't you having s3x already? That should tell you he gat no problem with that. Perhaps the man is not even looking at that until you brought it to his notice. Why didn't you clear the issue before you both got naked? Asking such question during s3x is not appropriate at all! It shows you don't know the likes and dislikes of the person you are sleeping with. Are you even aware there are men who love them (women) big and bogus?

5. What about the money I asked from you?
Women and money! Lwkmd! Women don't take chances at all. They are not ignorance of the fact that men will grant them any request during s3x, so they just exploit it. Please, do that before or afterwards. Don't exploit a less privileged. Lol!

6. Aren’t you done?
This question is so dumb and silly. It creates the impression that you are a whore. Of course he will come out once he is done, so why asking him?

From the foregoing, it is expected of every women to be engrossed with the action on ground in order for both parties to derive maximum satisfaction. Irrelevant questions only disrupt the pleasurable moment. Remember, there is time for everything

Kenyan Woman Walks the Street of Nairobi with a Placard Stating that She Needs a Husband

This is unbelievable! Wonders they say shall never end! 28-year-old Kenyan woman, identified as Nyabura, has kept the internet talking ever since she was spotted holding a placard revealing that she wanted a husband.
The woman who was dressed in a white wedding gown was seen walking along Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi, with a young girl (aged 7) who is believed to be her daughter.
With her cell phone number boldly written on the placard for any interested suitor to call, the placard reads:

Need for a husband pris.  Nyabura 28 years. I have a girl child 7 yrs 0737350766

You Can End a Relationship with Your Partner Using These English Phrases

While some relationships end on a peaceful note, others end in pieces. Be it as it may, the parties involved certainly used words or phrases to wrap up the journey. Have you ever wondered the type of words or phrases used by these persons before parting ways? Perhaps no, because you already know some phrases that are used to end a relationship with someone: "to break up with someone", "to dump someone", "to split with someone", "to part ways" etc. Well, kudos to you! But let's look at other English phrases love birds would say to themselves if they no longer want to be together:
You Can End a Relationship with Your Partner Using These English Phrases
1. I don’t think this is going to work out
When this expression is made, it passes a signal of discontinuity to the person being addressed. It reveals to him or her that we don’t envision a future together, probably because our wants and needs aren’t aligned, or we have very different goals and dreams.

2. It’s over
This is used in cases where someone has caught the other partner cheating on or betraying him or her. It is a very strong way to terminate a relationship with immediate effect. It shows that it is not an amicable break-up.

3. I don’t think I am in love with you anymore
This is a righteous and straight-forward way of ending a relationship as it clearly states the fact. However, the person who is still in love might find it very difficult to accept the truth. It is a best phrase for ending a relationship that is  built on trust, honesty and respect.
4. I think I am in love with someone else
This is similar to number three above. However, in this expression, the partner reveals that he or she is in love with another person.

5. I'm done with you
Just like  "it's over", this is a personal decision and would most likely be said if it is not an amicable break-up.

6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Visiting Banking Halls

The popular adage, ''there is no smoke without fire", cannot in any way be disputed, as there is always a rationale behind our actions or any attitude we put on. But for the importance of money, I don't think anybody will be interested in visiting any of the commercial banks in the country, based on certain reasons:
6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Visiting the Banking Halls

1. Queues 
Queues and banking halls are just like smoke and fire. They are so inseparable, and a common feature of all financial institutions in the country. It is very rare to visit a banking hall without someone telling you "I'm at your back oh". The person tells you this just to create awareness before retiring to a comfortable position in bank, patiently but angrily waiting for his turn.

2. The doors
Banking doors could be very annoying at times. Some days, the doors have nothing against you but on other days, you must serve your punishment before entering or leaving the bank. Ever had to pull off your belt or every iron/mental material before entering any bank? If you had, there is no need explaining further. experience teaches better!

3. Empty water dispensers
This is only a problem to a handful of those who visit banks. Sometimes, you visit a bank as a customer and probability becomes thirsty, the response you get is either there’s no water or there’s no cup to drink the water. How is that possible? It is really annoying. If there would be no water or cup, why the display of a water dispenser? 

4. The customer service/cashiers
Banks actually have very terrible customer service and it’s worse when you visit the banking halls. Imagine visiting a bank with a lot of customers waiting and only two cashiers attending to them. Where are the others? It is either they tell you they are busy or there is no network. There is no network but you see them pressing their keyboards.

5. Waste of time
Ever had to spend more time than expected at a bank? Yeah, same. They can frustrate the living hell out of their customers with the speed at which they work on certain things. They find delight in keeping their customers waiting. If you ask me why, i don't know!

6. Pen to write with
The number of pen provided in a particular branch for customers to write with does not in any way equal one quarter of the number of persons who visit that branch in a day. That is why you always look for pen to write with anytime you visit a bank. The truth is that there are other customers like you, so you have to wait patiently for the person using the available pen at that time. Better still, go with yours next time, but you have to be extremely watchful so you don't misplace it.

The solution to the aforementioned reasons is mobile banking. You can sit at the comfort of your home and make any transaction. However, mobile banking has one problem that might still take you to the bank - for you to make any transaction on your mobile banking app, there must be cash in your account. So, if not for anything, for transaction sake, you must visit the bank to make deposit.

President Buhari's August Speech: Nigerians' Reactions and Comedian Seyi Law's Analysis

Nigerians have reacted with mixed feelings to President Buhari's speech to the nation on Monday, August 21, 2017, two days after he returned from a medical vacation in the United Kingdom. The speech which has caused incessant hullabaloos among Nigerians, failed to address salient issues bordering on the Nigerian economy, which many have said was on the state of recovery before Buhari's arrival.
President Buhari's August Speech: Nigerians' Reactions and Comedian Seyi Law's Analysis
It will also interest you to know that comedians and other prominent members of the Nigerian society did not hesitate to give their verdicts on the trending speech. On his Instagram post, entitled, The presidential goof, comedian Seyi law outrightly stated his disillusionment in the president's speech. While Abdulmumin Jibrin slammed the president for reading the speech as one who is announcing a coup d'etat, Oby Ezekwesili, Convener of the Bring Back Our Grils (BBOG) campaign, said the president missed the opportunity to soothe and assure Nigerians over his presidency and different agitations rocking the country.

Read President Buhari's speech below:

My dear citizens,

I am very grateful to God and to all Nigerians for their prayers. I am pleased to be back on home soil among my brothers and sisters.

In the course of my stay in the United Kingdom, I have been kept in daily touch with events at home. Nigerians are robust and lively in discussing their affairs, but I was distressed to notice that some of the comments, especially in the social media have crossed our national red lines by daring to question our collective existence as a nation. This is a step too far.

In 2003 after I joined partisan politics, the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu came and stayed as my guest in my hometown Daura. Over two days we discussed in great depth till late into the night and analyzed the problems of Nigeria. We both came to the conclusion that the country must remain one and united.

Nigeria's unity is settled and not negotiable. We shall not allow irresponsible elements to start trouble and when things get bad they run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, if necessary with their blood.

Every Nigerian has the right to live and pursue his business anywhere in Nigeria without let or hindrance. I believe the very vast majority of Nigerians share this view.

This is not to deny that there are legitimate concerns. Every group has a grievance. But the beauty and attraction of a federation is that it allows different groups to air their grievances and work out a mode of co-existence.

The National Assembly and the National Council of State are the legitimate and appropriate bodies for national discourse. The national consensus is that, it is better to live together than to live apart.

Furthermore, I am charging the Security Agencies not to let the successes achieved in the last 18 months be a sign to relax. Terrorists and criminals must be fought and destroyed relentlessly so that the majority of us can live in peace and safety.

Therefore we are going to reinforce and reinvigorate the fight not only against; elements of Boko Haram which are attempting a new series of attacks on soft targets kidnappings, farmers versus herdsmen clashes, in addition to ethnic violence fuelled by political mischief makers. We shall tackle them all.

Finally, dear Nigerians, our collective interest now is to eschew petty differences and come together to face common challenges of; economic security, political evolution and integration as well as lasting peace among all Nigerians.

I remain resolutely committed to ensuring that these goals are achieved and maintained. I am so glad to be home.

Thank you and may God bless our dear Nation.

Comedian Seyi law's Analysis of PMB's Speech
Seyi law's reference lines

I am one of those who waited for the President's speech and if I say I am not disappointed at some part of his speech will be an act of hypocrisy. It goes without saying that the first quote up there by the President is a reference to Nnamdi Kanu and his people and the term, irresponsible elements shows serious condemnation with a follow up reference to Late Chief Ojukwu's visit to him.
However the second and third quotes that should address the AREWA YOUTHS by Mr. President is a twist and not an outright condemnation. This is a big GOOF from the President and can be likened to President Trump infamous line that got the America media houses ranting for days unend. The line, I rephase, there are good people on both side.

The President goofed big time on that one and he needs to do better. If the BIAFRAS are irresponsible then same goes to the AREWA YOUTHS. He should condemn them in totality and stop rubbing their egos. What legitimate concerns that are not good for both?

Mr. Kogi State Governor who declared public holiday for the Presidential return has displayed an equal act of irresponsibility as I am trying to avoid the use of the word stupidity. What is it that he is celebrating? Some people are just outrightly annoying. Unfortunately, the lazy ones in Kogi are celebrating another lazy day. Just a piece of my mind.


5 Most Annoying Things Facebook Users Do

It is no news that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over one billion committed users. In fact, it has succeeded in creating a world for itself, with its language, culture and inhabitants. Like every other human living in the real world, Facebook users have blood running through their veins and arteries, and as such, react to one another in either an annoying or pleasing manner. The former forms the crux of this article.

5 Most Annoying Things Facebook Users Do

Facebook is an interesting platform that keeps its users connected with friends, loved ones, enemies and the real world. It is more of a perfect world because of the way perfection parades itself on this platform. On this platform, you don't see skins invaded by pimples, heat rashes or eczema neither would you see ugly beings with rags as cloths. Peradventure you've seen the opposite of any of the aforementioned, know that it is one of those funny scenes that is intended to make you laugh.

However, through their actions, some users of this platform are gradually making it look like the real world where imperfection exists. They put on annoying attitudes that awaken the fury in other users. These annoying attitudes are:

1. Plagiarism
I intentionally gave plagiarism the front seat because it is like the devil, walking to and fro looking for whom to devour, but in this case, looking for its rightful owner. It is not just common among Facebook users, but also among artistes, bloggers and academics. Plagiarism is the copying of someone's creative work or ideas and presenting it as yours, especially without permission.

These days, it is very difficult to get the originator of most of the viral posts on Facebook due to the nefarious activities of plagiarists. Plagiarism is a display of illiteracy, laziness and idiocy. If you love someone's work, why don't you share it, rather than copying and pasting it on your wall without acknowledging the person? If you must copy and paste it on your wall, you should acknowledge the source or the person by including the name of the person/source at the end of the post. In a situation where you don't know the source, add Copied at the top or bottom of the post. This shows you are learned.

2. Abusive use of tag
The tag feature on Facebook is not for commanding likes or comments from your Facebook friends; so, stop using it to achieve that. Read when to use Facebook tag here.

3. Finding it hard to comment on/like people's posts
No matter how captivating, interesting and educative your write-up may be, or no matter how pretty you may look on a particular uploaded pic, some of your Facebook friends will never comment on or like it. Please, don't misconstrue my point. I don't mean all your friends must like what you post on Facebook, but there are those who don't comment or like at all. Sometimes you wonder if they are dead or don't see what you post, but the truth is that, they are actively alive and also see all your moves on Facebook. The reason for this action is best known to them, but I suggest either of the following: jealousy, pride, minding their business, shyness, always not on subscription anytime you post, the feeling that their likes or comments might make you a celebrity, don't wanna make you feel special, the post is not worthy of their likes or comments etc.

4. Always looking for faults on people's posts
The annoying thing here is that the same people who see commenting on or liking your posts as an ultimate search, will be the first to drop derogatory comments on your post if they must comment.

5. Invoking the feeling of pity from other users
It is now a common practice on Facebook where most users use words or images to invoke the feeling of pity on them from other users. Some of these words are: "I'm sick", "sad", "oh why me?", "why did you go so soon?" etc. This is so annoying! If you are sick, don't you know the chemist's store? If you are sad, does Mark Zuckerberg give happiness? Who do you want it to happen to when you post "oh why me?"? Your friends on Facebook don't even know the person who went so soon but you are asking, "why did you go so soon?". It is not funny at all! Stop it!

In sum, like the real or the fictional world, Facebook has its own dwellers, and these dwellers possess different character traits, which could either be annoying or pleasing. You have the right to be who you want. Meanwhile, you can use the comment box to state other annoying things Facebook users do.