6 Questions Women Shouldn't Ask Men During S3x

6 Questions Women Shouldn't Ask Men During S3x

Generally speaking, men love women who are very vocal in bed, and what they want to hear are those pleasurable moans uttered by women during s3x. This boosts their morale and gives them that confidence that they are hitting the right spots.

However, most women seem not to understand the power of this pleasurable moan. Instead of being engrossed with the act in order to subconsciously or unconsciously let out this pleasurable moan, they tend to engage the man in an interview, which unknowingly to them vexes him. Well, men will always be men. They will tolerate it until the milk is out. But if you want to make your man happy, avoid asking him these questions while in the act. You will only get the wrong answers to these questions if you ask them during the mutual combat.

These questions are:

1. Do you love me?
Hehehe! What if he tells you no? Probability you will push him away and hurriedly put on your cloths. You will hardly get the right answer to this question during s3x. You know a man who loves you through his actions and not words, even if both of you have had s3x several times. Unfortunately, women are mostly moved by what they hear. Please, avoid this question during the act.

2. What are we now?
You are enemies. What a dumb question! Although most women reserve this question till after s3x, some babes spew it during the act. Men find it very unsexy. Only a few will tell you.

3. What are you trying to do?
How can you ask him such a question after you've probably been kissing him and touching his vital organs and letting him feel yours for about some minutes? What do you expect will follow? Or do you think he is undressing you for Miss Nudity or  to bathe you? Asking this question only ruins the moment. If you are not ready, don't make any move in the first place.

4. Do you think I’m overweight?
Gone are those days when fat is attributed to good living. Weight is now a sensitive issue that many women (even men) are insecure about, and such insecurity is the instigator of this question.

Why the insecurity? Aren't you having s3x already? That should tell you he gat no problem with that. Perhaps the man is not even looking at that until you brought it to his notice. Why didn't you clear the issue before you both got naked? Asking such question during s3x is not appropriate at all! It shows you don't know the likes and dislikes of the person you are sleeping with. Are you even aware there are men who love them (women) big and bogus?

5. What about the money I asked from you?
Women and money! Lwkmd! Women don't take chances at all. They are not ignorance of the fact that men will grant them any request during s3x, so they just exploit it. Please, do that before or afterwards. Don't exploit a less privileged. Lol!

6. Aren’t you done?
This question is so dumb and silly. It creates the impression that you are a whore. Of course he will come out once he is done, so why asking him?

From the foregoing, it is expected of every women to be engrossed with the action on ground in order for both parties to derive maximum satisfaction. Irrelevant questions only disrupt the pleasurable moment. Remember, there is time for everything