6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Visiting Banking Halls

6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Visiting Banking Halls

The popular adage, ''there is no smoke without fire", cannot in any way be disputed, as there is always a rationale behind our actions or any attitude we put on. But for the importance of money, I don't think anybody will be interested in visiting any of the commercial banks in the country, based on certain reasons:
6 Reasons Why People Don't Like Visiting the Banking Halls

1. Queues 
Queues and banking halls are just like smoke and fire. They are so inseparable, and a common feature of all financial institutions in the country. It is very rare to visit a banking hall without someone telling you "I'm at your back oh". The person tells you this just to create awareness before retiring to a comfortable position in bank, patiently but angrily waiting for his turn.

2. The doors
Banking doors could be very annoying at times. Some days, the doors have nothing against you but on other days, you must serve your punishment before entering or leaving the bank. Ever had to pull off your belt or every iron/mental material before entering any bank? If you had, there is no need explaining further. experience teaches better!

3. Empty water dispensers
This is only a problem to a handful of those who visit banks. Sometimes, you visit a bank as a customer and probability becomes thirsty, the response you get is either there’s no water or there’s no cup to drink the water. How is that possible? It is really annoying. If there would be no water or cup, why the display of a water dispenser? 

4. The customer service/cashiers
Banks actually have very terrible customer service and it’s worse when you visit the banking halls. Imagine visiting a bank with a lot of customers waiting and only two cashiers attending to them. Where are the others? It is either they tell you they are busy or there is no network. There is no network but you see them pressing their keyboards.

5. Waste of time
Ever had to spend more time than expected at a bank? Yeah, same. They can frustrate the living hell out of their customers with the speed at which they work on certain things. They find delight in keeping their customers waiting. If you ask me why, i don't know!

6. Pen to write with
The number of pen provided in a particular branch for customers to write with does not in any way equal one quarter of the number of persons who visit that branch in a day. That is why you always look for pen to write with anytime you visit a bank. The truth is that there are other customers like you, so you have to wait patiently for the person using the available pen at that time. Better still, go with yours next time, but you have to be extremely watchful so you don't misplace it.

The solution to the aforementioned reasons is mobile banking. You can sit at the comfort of your home and make any transaction. However, mobile banking has one problem that might still take you to the bank - for you to make any transaction on your mobile banking app, there must be cash in your account. So, if not for anything, for transaction sake, you must visit the bank to make deposit.