You Can End a Relationship with Your Partner Using These English Phrases

While some relationships end on a peaceful note, others end in pieces. Be it as it may, the parties involved certainly used words or phrases to wrap up the journey. Have you ever wondered the type of words or phrases used by these persons before parting ways? Perhaps no, because you already know some phrases that are used to end a relationship with someone: "to break up with someone", "to dump someone", "to split with someone", "to part ways" etc. Well, kudos to you! But let's look at other English phrases love birds would say to themselves if they no longer want to be together:
You Can End a Relationship with Your Partner Using These English Phrases
1. I don’t think this is going to work out
When this expression is made, it passes a signal of discontinuity to the person being addressed. It reveals to him or her that we don’t envision a future together, probably because our wants and needs aren’t aligned, or we have very different goals and dreams.

2. It’s over
This is used in cases where someone has caught the other partner cheating on or betraying him or her. It is a very strong way to terminate a relationship with immediate effect. It shows that it is not an amicable break-up.

3. I don’t think I am in love with you anymore
This is a righteous and straight-forward way of ending a relationship as it clearly states the fact. However, the person who is still in love might find it very difficult to accept the truth. It is a best phrase for ending a relationship that is  built on trust, honesty and respect.
4. I think I am in love with someone else
This is similar to number three above. However, in this expression, the partner reveals that he or she is in love with another person.

5. I'm done with you
Just like  "it's over", this is a personal decision and would most likely be said if it is not an amicable break-up.

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