How To Fix 'Invalid Channel' Error on GOtv

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How To Fix 'Invalid Channel' Error on GOtv

Aside from the usual E16 error which displays on your screen, “invalid channel” error is an evitable error that frustrates most GOtv subscribers. It is an unexpected error, that is, it just happens. And most times we don't know how to fix it because we can't trace its cause. If you always see this error on your screen anytime you click on a particular channel, especially the one you love to watch, follow the steps below to fix it.

How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv

1. Press the MENU button on your remote. If you have the old remote, this button is found at the bottom of the remote. If you have the new remote, please check the top left of the remote. It is that visible green button looking at you. 

2. Scroll down to INFORMATION CENTRAL.

3. Press the OK button. It will display the signal strength and quality of your decoder. 
How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv
4. Press the INFO button. On the old remote, it is that white button directly below the TV GUIDE button. On the new remote, this button is black, has a symbol that looks like small letter I on it. Something like this 👉i.

5. Once you press the INFO button, you will see numbers 1 – 7 on your screen. Press 7 on your remote. 
How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv
6. Allow your decoder to reboot until it gets to FIRST TIME INSTALLATION.

7. Press the OK button after each prompt until it gets to the point where your decoder starts scanning for channels. Allow it to finish this process. Take note of the total number of channels scanned. If it is between 66 and 81, you are good to go. The old decoder is able to scan about 66 – 71 channels whereas the new decoder can give you 70 – 81 channels. 

8. Check your channel list to confirm whether those invalid channels are there or not. If they are not there, repeat the process. If they are there, drop a word of gratitude here. 

If your decoder has been showing SEARCHING FOR SIGNAL for some days now, call the person who did the installation to reposition your antenna. For GOtv, DStv and StarTimes subscriptions, contact me: 08035232107. You won't regret activating your subscription(s) at Tammy's Tranzact.