3 Things That Project the Rich and the Poor as Equals in the Society

What is it with money? Where and how does it possess the power of turning a vast majority of its owners into beasts, overnight? When will the rich stop oppressing the poor, and when will the poor stop kneeling before the rich, begging for assistance? When will the rich start empowering the poor in order to make the world a better place?
3 Things That Project the Rich and the Poor as Equals in the Society

Money! Money! Money! Why have you chosen to make demigods of those whom you've favoured over the unfortunate? The effect of this singular act of yours on the latter validates the authenticity of the popular biblical axiom, "the love of money is the root of all evil" as they are driven into ill practices just to have you at their call.

I am always saddened and disheartened anytime I see those whom you've favoured make mockery of those you are yet to show compassion on, but my solace is on the fact that your powers are limited, and the same message I want to pass across to those who have you in their possessions.

The five fingers might not be equal but that doesn't deprive them of their significance. They all complement each other in order to make the hand achieve its functions. Similarly, you might be richer than your neighbour but that does not make your neighbour useless. At one point in time, you must need the service(s) of that your poor neighbour to achieve a task. Celebrities are where they are today because of their fans; the builder is able to build because of the bricklayer; the magnificent building of the rich is roofed by the carpenter; we (the rich inclusive) are all fed by the produce of the farmers; the doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, etc are made by the teachers who receive peanuts as salaries etc.

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Do you still doubt our equality and significance in the society? Or do you feel because you are rich you are more equal than the poor? Oh common! Don't misconstrue George Owen's statement! If at all there is any animal that is more equal than the others, it should be the MAKER and not the MADE. Your fans made you; the bricklayer enables you to build, and your success (I mean genuine success) in life is to an extent driven by those whom you now oppress.

However, if you are still adamant, with the reasons listed and discussed below, you will agree with the fact that the rich and the poor are equal in the society:

It is no news that the rich and the poor also die. This is because money does not guarantee long life. Death is an inevitable being that closes the gap that existed between the rich and poor in the society. No rich man is buried in the sky; both the rich and the poor are buried six feet under the ground when they die.

Both the rich and the poor excrete, and one important thing I want you to note is that the substances being excreted by these parties, smell. Excretion takes different forms: sweat, urine, faeces, fart etc, and no matter their sources (whether from the rich or the poor), they have unpleasant smell. Show me one rich man whose fart smells like a deodorant and I will show you a mad man who is ashamed of being mad.

These factors also close the gap between the rich and the poor in the society. After a long hectic day, no matter your status in the society, you must get tired and consequently retire to your bed to have some rest. While this is done, there is nothing like societal status as there is no defined sleeping pattern for the rich and the poor.

In sum, money is cool, but intimidating others with it is evil! You that are poor, always strive to succeed in order not to be at the mercy of the rich. If the society must be a better place, the rich must learn to empower the poor and the poor must not relent in their quest to succeed!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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