The Latest Version of the Primary Rhyme, 'Old Roger is Dead.'

Old Roger is Dead and Gone to His Grave...
I can't just stop laughing. Nigeria is a very funny country and a nice place to be as her citizens are good at following the trend. See what a funny Nigerian did to this old primary rhyme, 'Old Roger is Dead and Gone to His Grave...' If you still know the poem, just use the tempo and rhythm of it to sing this latest version:

Old Buhari is sick and went to London
Hum haa went to London

He left our beloved country and travelled abroad
Hum haa travelled abroad

The sickness turned worse and he never returned
Hum haa never returned

There came some angry Nigerians and rumoured his death
Hum haa rumoured his death

There came his speaker who said he's alive
Hum haa said he's alive

The next week came and he never came back
Hum haa never came back

There came a musician to hold a protest
Hum haa hold a protest

Old Buhari called him and threatened his life
Hum haa threatened his life

Which made the musician to run hiperty hop
Hum haa hiperty hop.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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