February 14: Men Are Still the Ones Dying for Love

In one of my Facebook posts I said, "In 2017, January 14 is more important than February 14 in Nigeria" but this statement is gradually becoming a mere fiction as I can see youths and adults seriously preparing for the day. Well, I'm not surprised because a Nigerian guy will always be one. He never allows circumstances to affect his happiness. Weather MMM pays or not, love must be celebrated.

Well, I concur because it is a day of love, so celebrate it but wisely. Love is a beautiful thing but also a beast and a vampire because the demonstration of true love has always taken blood (mostly the blood of men) and I keep wondering why men are always the victims of true love. Since I was born I have neither seen nor heard women dying for love. All I am exposed to is that women suffer for love but the man (no matter how tough he looks or acts) ends up dying for love. In spite of all these, many women will still say men are heartless.  Why have women chosen not to die for love? Are they only good at receiving gifts?

·        Valentine died for love
·        Romeo also died for love
·        Adam lost the cordial relationship he had with God because of love which consequently led to his death.
·        Jack in titanic died for love
·        Samson in the Bible died for love.
·        Greek heroes, Hercules and Achilles died for love
·        Even Jesus Christ died for love.

People say when a woman loves; she loves with the whole of her heart. No doubt but when a man loves, he loves with his life!

Do we still have men who can die for love?

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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