The Era of Change!

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The Era of Change!

An Article on Literature Books and Poems by Seikegba Ebobra Destiny​      

How many literature books/poems have you read or studied? Can you identify any if seen? Well, literature is indeed the mirror of the society. In this article, the writer uses the titles of some literary works of renowned writers to showcase the challenges faced by Nigerians in this administration of change.

It is a must read and please, after/while reading, I would really appreciate it if you state in the comment box some of the books or poems you've read/studied that are mentioned in this article.

Read the article below:

During the reign of Julius Caesar before the rise of Athuru 111,some wagging tongues said everything good will come only if there's a change of the government inspector.

It's about a twelfth night after midsummer night dream of a nation in custody. So today, away from the maddening crowd in a solitude I'll write what I want without pride and prejudice.

Today after a long walk to freedom,we're no longer at ease as things fall apart. I remember 1984,exactly two thousand season ago when women of owu basked in the joys of motherhood, but today, the wives revolt and girls at war stoops to conquer. Before, an African child can do a dance of destiny in an African thunderstorm when night fall in Soweto or when the sunset in Biafra, but now,in this hard times even the people of the likes of the renowned doctor Faustus, Macbeth, Robinson Crusoe, Romeo and Juliet are no longer on the dining table; they sort for oil on water; economic is gradually getting to point zhero. The native son of Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, the proud king, now eat without a Silva spoon and the school boy, eze goes to school on naked soles, such vanity is a vanity of human wishes. Because the devil on the cross cares less about the victims trapped in the hamlet of poverty, forgetting that they too are the earth. He continued his unnecessary mission to kala, American there America-an ambiguous adventure like the adventure of huckleberry Finn.The famous Kongi's harvest is now but an harvest of corruption. Nothing surprises us anymore in this reign of locust; not after seeing tears in a basket on the road not taken; the beggars strike,the salah moon hide behind the cloud and skyline, waiting for an angel to give it order. This was actually beyond the horizon of the wizard of the Crow himself and all the interpreters.

In fact, in a streamside exchange, among the strong breeds while holding talks on the moon, Attahiru added that there was a country with only an half of a yellow sun, hence Nigerians should just keep waiting for goddot to intervene.

Beware,soles brothers of the ambush they laid on the road at night when having a walk in the night or crossing the bar. Don't be fooled that the country is yet violence free. Remember, our king,Oedipus, is not a man of the people neither is he a man of all season who knows about the ways of the  world. Hence, our case is not a matter of honour but the last duty to him.

Only yesterday, brother jero,with Gulliver, travel the Wuthering heights of the anthill of the Savannah, crossing the river between Ibadan and Idanre in search of job but there was just no vacancy for them because their father is the palmwine drinkard himself. Sozaboy,Ozidi and the agadagba warriors from the treasure island of the country, felt treated like the forbidden tongue and resorted to violence again after three years of bidding a farewell to arms.

They've shed petals of blood in the North that even the blood of a stranger is not spared because only a fragment of the citizens who don't know the importance of being ernest loot funds and places much ado about nothing to do with the rest.

The problems with Nigeria are archetypal, sociological,economic,Marxist,formalist,functionalist and structuralist approaches.