The Dos and Don'ts for Great English Presentation

Try to avoid these errors in order to have a great English presentation:

1. Don't say, 'congratulation for' but say, 'congratulations on.' E.g. Congratulations on your election victory.

2. Don't say, 'accustomed with' but say, 'accustomed to.' E.g. I am not accustomed to eating much.

3. Don't say, 'in consideration for' but say, 'in consideration  of,' meaning, 'as payment or recompense for something.' E.g. I was given a little token in consideration of my kind service.

4. Don't say, 'condole the bereaved family' but say, 'condole with the bereaved family.' E.g. I condole with the bereaved family.

5. Don't say, 'the children had their meals turn by turn' but say, 'the children had their meals by turns.'

6. Don't say, 'he is good in English' but say, 'he is good at English.'

7. Don't say, 'the soup is sweet' but say, 'the soup is tasty.'

8. Don't say, 'go and cook the yam' but say, 'go and boil the yam.'

9. Don't say, 'I am hearing you' but say, 'I can hear you.'

10. Don't say 'he is marrying my sister' but say, 'he is married to my sister.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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