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Sep 1, 2017

See How the English Language Has Embarrassed Graduates on Different Occasions!

For as long as the English language remains an official language and lingua franca in the country, you are left with no choice other than learning it! The earlier you embrace this reality, the better for you.
See How the English Language Has Embarrassed Graduates on Different Occasions!
However, you are at liberty to disregard the advice given above if you are ready to dance to the embarrassing rhythms of the English language, just like the graduates below.

Aside other grammatical blunders, this graduate is grateful to God for making him a corpse instead of a corps member! If only he knew what corpse means, he wouldn't have written this.  This is really embarrassing and heartbreaking!

This one even changed the popular example of climax - I came; I saw; I conquered. Instead of conquering, he decided to 'cancer'.  My brother, cancer shall never be your portion because in time of ignorance, God overlooked! Again, see the way he wrote 'The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step'.

This is the clearer picture of the one above.
This one is coming from a slay queen oh! She is not just a 'gratitude' of mass communication  but also a B.Sc. Congrats ma!
These are the same persons that will ask you, "who English epp?". Do you still want me to answer this question? 



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