A Fabulous September to You, My Wonderful Reader!

Tamuno Reuben
"Sept" in French means seven (7), which is a number of perfection. On the other hand, "ember" in Igbo means NO!

Therefore, in this month of SEPTEMBER, you shall unconsciously resound, and your body system shall keep excreting a PERFECT NO to:
  • Near success syndrome,
  • Disappointments,
  • Untimely death,
  • Hardship/Poverty,
  • Academic failure,
  • Wild and domestic accidents, and
  • Any form of sorrow!
This is because God has decided to make this month of SEPTEMBER
S - Special
E - Exciting
P - Perfect
T - Thoughtful
E - Excellent
M - Most memorable
B - Blissful
E - Efficacious &
R - Remarkable for you!

May the good tiding of September locate you wherever you are! Amen!

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