2Face Has Two Wives in Reality and One in Law – Itsede Okhai

2face has two wives in reality and one in-law. The law can change but the reality remains constant.

The legal wife could either be Annie or Pero depending on whose story is true. If the story given by Pero's dad is true, it means 2face was already married to Pero traditionally before he married Annie under the Act. If this is the case, the marriage to Annie under the law is a nullity and Pero remains the only legal wife. But if the story is false, Annie remains the legal wife. 

2Face Has Two Wives in Reality and One in Law – Itsede Okhai
Pero, Pero's Father, Annie, and 2face

For starters, once a man is married to a woman traditionally, it's illegal for him to marry another woman under the Act( what you call court marriage). The second marriage becomes void in such instances unless it's also done only traditionally.

A woman married traditionally is also a legal wife under the law. Both traditional and "court weddings" are legal. You have the discretion to decide the one to conduct. You can decide to stop traditional marriage and your marriage will still be legally valid.

Back to the first paragraph, a woman that has 3 kids for a man cannot be said not to be a wife in reality, especially when this was the case before tying the knot with another woman, and given the fact they are still in good vibes. Anything short of this reality is deceiving us. Nature and fairness should stand supreme. Pero is human too!

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