Agency Banking: How To Be a DotPay Agent

What is DotPay

DotPay, which seems to have gotten its name from the recent Dot Nation trend, is an agency banking and mobile money service owned by Changan RTS Microfinance Bank Limited. DotPay is a secured Point Of Sales(POS) agency banking service device that allows individuals to carry out cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and interbank transfers within their locality without visiting any bank. 

Agency Banking: How To Be a DotPay Agent

Who is Behind DotPay? 

Dotpay is owned by Changan RTS Microfinance Bank Limited with its operational name as Dot Microfinance bank limited with registration number RC 232534. Its office is located at No. 366 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba Lagos State, Nigeria.  

Features of DotPay POS 

The DotPay POS is an Android-based POS device that has the ability to carry out card withdrawals, print receipts, pay bills, and do transfers. The company also promised to add balance checking and other features in the near future.  

How Much Is DotPay POS? 

The DotPay POS is not for sale; however, agents are to pay a caution fee to get the POS from an aggregator or ambassador. You are to get an N10,000 refund if you stop using and return the device within six months from the date you got the device. If the return or retrieval is done after six months, you are entitled to nothing.

This money can be paid before or during delivery depending on your negotiations with the aggregator or ambassador. Beware of scammers; only pay if you trust the aggregator or ambassador.

How to become a DotPay Agent
The DotPay Android Terminal

DotPay Agent Target 

Unlike other companies which require a certain amount daily as a target for its agents, DotPay has no fixed amount as a target; rather all agents are expected to perform a minimum of 20 transactions daily irrespective of the amount. If an agent fails to meet this target consistently, his or her POS will be retrieved by the aggregator who issued the device or any other aggregator assigned by the company.  

DotPay Charges  

Below is the breakdown of transaction charges on DotPay.
Cash Withdrawal Charges:

1k = 5 naira 
2k = 10 naira 
3k = 15 naira 
4k = 20 naira 
5k = 25 naira 
6k = 30 naira 
7k = 35 naira 
8k = 40 naira 
9k = 45 naira 
10k = 50 naira 
11k = 55 naira 
12k = 60 naira 
13k = 65 naira 
14k = 70 naira 
15k = 75 naira 
16k = 80 naira 
17k = 85 naira 
18k = 90 naira 
19k = 95 naira 
20k = 100 naira 
20k to infinity = 100 naira. 
Deposit is  N25 flat rate.  

How To Start A POS Business In Nigeria

How To Become A DotPay Agent  

To become a DotPay POS agent, you need to complete the agent registration form and provide a valid means of identification (National Identity card, NIN slip, international passport, driver’s license, etc.), a recent utility bill, and a passport photograph. The agent registration can be done by visiting the company’s office above or by contacting any of the company’s aggregators. Contact/WhatsApp me on 08035232107 if you are within Rivers state, Owerri, Bayelsa, and Aba.

Final Words

This company is still very new with lots of potential to compete with others in the market and, at the moment, the device is easy to access. I can’t say what will happen in a few months. The charges are also okay, and since it is completely new, the network speed will be very okay. As such, I encourage you to key into it now and start making daily instantly-dropping commissions.  

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