How To Acknowledge a Writer Whose Post You Copied and Posted on Your Facebook Wall

How To Acknowledge a Writer Whose Post You Copied and Pasted on Your Facebook Wall
Ideally, when someone makes a post which interests you and you feel your friends need to read it too, you are expected to share it on your wall. You don't even need any permission to do that. It is not also wrong to copy and paste the post on your wall if you so choose. But when you do, IT IS WRONG not to credit the post to the author. Below are examples of the proper ways to acknowledge the author:

1. At the top:

✓ Itse De wrote (or writes)

✓ As copied from Itse De

✓ The post below is authored by Itse De

✓ As written by Itse De

2. Beneath the post:

✓ Written by Itse De

✓ © Itse De

✓ Credit: Itse De

✓ Author: Itse De

You may choose any of the methods above. Editing the author's name out of a post is not only wrong but also stealing.

Writing "Copied" without stating who you copied from, especially when you know the author, is witchcraft. It is also wrong, for instance, to simply write ITSE  beneath the post. Write the name in full because there are many Itsedes in Nigeria. To stretch this, writing the name in full, as a way of tag, without showing any sign that the tagged individual is the author, is a thieving way to claim the work because your audience may think you are simply drawing the individual's attention. Let there be a pointer showing the author. If the author's name isn't good enough to appear on your wall, don't copy his work.  

Friends, copying a post and editing a name out of it even when the name is clearly written beneath it is not proper. 

Let's change this attitude!

© Barr. Itsede K. Okhai

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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