How to Keep Your Readers as a Writer

How to Keep Your Readers as a Writer
Dear writer,

Turgidity doesn't make sense all the time: the same way this paragraph doesn't make sense if you don't immediately understand the word "turgidity".

Readers are scarce on the market these days. The few who read are always trying to find reasons to dump one writer for another, so when you do find some loyal readers, do well to keep them with all your might.

Instead of using "big big" words ALL THE TIME, rather come to the level of your readers (even the unintended readers) because you write not only to please yourself or display flamboyance of language but to win their hearts and their acceptance. You write for and on their behalf because of the shared beliefs and reasons for which they read you.

Don't make your language inaccessible for the sake of being perceived as "a difficult writer to read". It is a turnoff for many readers, especially "floating" readers. Because our readers play the crucial role as end-users of your rhetorical act of writing, think more about them and less about yourself. Don't lose your identity in the process either. Create a balance! It is better to have a good number of readers with your simple language than to have only few readers with your sophisticated language. Readers are the feathers that clothe, protect, and beautify the author, the bird.

As a writer, always remember the KISS rule -- Keep it simple and short. (Don't remind me that I am guilty of the last "S"; I am still working on it.)

Next time, I will tell you more about what I mean by simple language and sophisticated language.

PS: "Turgidity" means "overly complex and difficult to understand; bombastic".

© Eric Nuamah Korankye

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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