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August 13, 2019

How to Block Others from Adding You to Whatsapp Groups without Your Consent

How to Block Others from Adding You to Whatsapp Groups without Your Consent
It is no news that Whatsapp now has a feature which prevents others from adding you to Whatsapp groups without your consent. This feature gives you total control as regards who can add you to Whatsapp groups and has come as a big relief, especially for those who were annoyed by getting randomly added to WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp users can enable this privacy setting by going to Setting, Account, Privacy and Groups. Check the guide below.

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To enable this feature, go to Settings in your app, tap Account, Privacy, Groups, and select one of three options: “Nobody,” “My Contacts,” or “Everyone.”

Nobody means nobody can add you to any Whatsapp group without your consent. You will have to approve joining every group to which you’re invited.

My Contacts means only users you have in your address book can add you to groups.

In those cases, the person inviting you to a group will be prompted to send a private invitation through an individual chat, giving you the choice of joining the group. You will have three days to accept the invitation before it expires. With these new features, users will have more control over the group messages they receive.



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