A Perfect Way To Fix GBWhatsapp's 'Temporarily Banned' Issue

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A Perfect Way To Fix GBWhatsapp's 'Temporarily Banned' Issue

It is no news that the management of the official Whatsapp (owned by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg) has been prosecuting GBWhatsapp users by permanently prohibiting them from using both GBWhatsapp and the official Whatsapp. However, such prohibition does not happen immediately as GBWhatsapp users are given several warnings before being banned permanently. Unlike those who take the warnings seriously by quickly resorting to the official Whatsapp, those who take the warnings lightly by ignoring them get their GBWhatsapp numbers banned permanently.
Tested: A Perfect Way To Fix GBWhatsapp's "Temporarily Banned" Issue
Well, I won't blame those who got their GBWhatsapp numbers banned permanently because it is really painful to leave your duplex for a hut. GBWhatsapp is too good to be forgotten – the too many privileges it accords its users is second to none. If Mark Zuckerberg wants people to stick to his app (the official Whatsapp), he has to make it “tasty” and “rich” for users' consumption. Nobody prefers a poor man to a rich man. We all want to live in affluence. But if we can't, we should at least be allowed to enjoy such luxury from those who voluntarily let it out. 

Therefore, kindly do the following if your GBWhatsapp keeps notifying you that you are temporarily banned from using Whatsapp:*

1. Don't wait until you are permanently banned.*

2. Uninstall your GBWhatsapp. Do not update it with its latest version. UNINSTALL IT!*

3. Download v8.25 of GBWhatsapp HERE. Click on "Direct Download" to download GBWhatsaap.

4. Open and install.*

5. Launch GBWhatsapp.

6. You are good to go.

Click on “Restore” when you open your GBWhatsapp to restore your pervious GBWhatsapp setting, If you are unable to restore your settings, go to your phone's settings, click on “Apps” or “Apps and Notification”, search for “Whatsapp” by scrolling down. Once you see the Whatsapp app icon, grant permission by clicking on the button close to the Whatsapp icon. Open your GBWhatsapp and click on "Restore".