The Difference between “Lighting”, “Lightning” and “Lightening”

Tamuno Reuben
The Difference between “Lighting”, “Lightning” and “Lightening”

These words can be very confusing but let's end the confusion today. Lighting is a noun. It is the arrangement or type of light in a room, house, etc.; for example, "The lighting in the room was poor/bright". Lighting is pronounced approximately as /lai tin/ but accurately as /ˈlaɪ.tɪŋ/.

Lightning can be used as a noun and as an adjective. As a noun, it means "a flash, or several flashes of very bright light in the sky caused by electricity." For example, "Thunder and lightning", "a flash of lightning" etc. Lightning is pronounced approximately as /lait nin/ but precisely as /ˈlaɪt.nɪŋ/.

Lightening can also be used as a verb and as an adjective. As a verb, lightening is the present participle of lightenLighten means "to become less dark" or "to make something become brighter or lighter in colour". To lighten also means "to reduce the amount of work, debt, load, worry, etc." The other verb forms are "lightens", "lightened" and lightening. For example, "He was interested in lightening our burdens." Lightening is pronounced approximately as /lai ti nin/ but accurately as /ˈlaɪ.tənɪŋ/.

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