See Why Glo Customers Cannot Call MTN Customers

See Why Glo Customers Cannot Call MTN Customers

See Why Glo Customers Cannot Call MTN Customers
Latest reports have it that more than 46.5 million Glo customers have been restricted from calling any number on the MTN network in Nigeria as both telecommunication companies battle owed "interconnect fees" of 10 billion naira. Calls and texts from Glo customers to MTN customers have been partially restricted since last week; as such, Glo customers receive a voice message such as "you are not allowed to call this number" whenever they call any MTN number. Although MTN customers can call Glo customers, Globacom users are partly restricted from calling MTN customers due to the 10 billion naira interconnect fee.

Remember that NCC granted MTN and Airtel approval in December 2018 to prevent Glo and 9mobile customers from calling their networks for inability to pay Interconnect Debt. Industry analysts say millions more subscribers will face service disruptions in the coming weeks if other "owed" operators are partially disconnected as millions of voices and information pass through the affected exchanges on a regular basis. The Commission has advised that it is also necessary to disconnect 9mobile, Smile and Swift from IHS installations and ATC Wireless Infrastructure Limited.

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