Access vs Assess: A Contextual Mistake in JAMB's Tweet

If the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), an examination body, doesn't know the difference between “access” and “assess”, then the Use of English results of its candidates can't be 100% correct.

However, in the English world, no one is immune from making errors. Even if you're an English language major, you're still subject to grammatical and contextual mistakes in your writing. There are two types of errors: error of ignorance and error of carelessness.

In this case, JAMB has made a contextual mistake because “accessing” should be used instead of “assessing” except JAMB is talking about candidates' inability to evaluate their results. But before you evaluate/assess your result, you must first access it through any available means. So, what type of error do you think the examination body has committed?
Access vs Assess: A Contextual Mistake in JAMB's Tweet
To know the difference between ACCESS and ASSESS, check the screenshots below. In the screenshots below, these words are used as verbs.

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