Why Would a Pastor Acquire a Private Jet When There Are Poor People in His Church?

The earlier we understand that the church is not the reason citizens are poor, the better for us all. Failed political leadership is the major cause of poverty in the land. But for the church, the level of poverty in the land would be unfathomable.

"Why would a pastor acquire a private jet when there are poor people in his church" is a short-minded question which doesn't deserve an answer. A pastor doesn't just wake up to acquire a jet if there is no need for it. A pastor who needs to preach in different countries in a day and has over 100 countries in the world to traverse within few days will definitely want to make his life easy by getting whatever help necessary. To you, it's a luxury and to him, it's a necessity. And whether it's a luxury or necessity is a definition of your state in life. 
Why Would a Pastor Acquire a Private Jet When There Are Poor People in His Church?

Asking why he needs to get a private jet where there are commercial planes is like asking why anyone needs to get a private car when there are public transport vehicles. Each is to one's level and state in life.

Apostle Suleman got a private jet because he needs it for his Ministry. If there is one pastor I personally know to have empowered his members, Suleman comes to mind. Those who worship in his church would even wonder where the money for these empowerments comes from because of his consistency. At the last count, he has built and donated about 150 houses to his poor church members. The record has lost count on the number of cars he has given out. The scholarship schemes and other empowerment funds are unmatchable. I really doubt if offerings and tithes could actually fund all these and also fund the massive church projects.

Some of these pastors are not depending on proceeds from church. They have their chain of businesses with independent returns and income. These people are humans and they need to make lives easy for themselves too.

When there is poverty in the land, hold the government responsible. If it's even possible that the pastors are contributors, still hold the government responsible because every working government would regulate the affairs of all citizens for the overall good of the society.

If you, in your little capacity, cannot boast of any human you have ever pushed forward, you lack the moral turpitude to query what anyone does with his or her money as long as he didn't steal from you. Let the church be. Let Suleman be. If you're not comfortable with how these pastors run churches as Christians, create your own church and let us cite you as a better example. Even if God didn't call you, he won't be angry that you are helping his people.

And if you're not a Christian, just shut up!

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Tamuno Reuben

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