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April 23, 2019

The Difference between "I am Nigerian” and “I am a Nigerian”

Is there any difference between “I am Nigerian” and “I am a Nigerian”? The answer is YES. Something tells me some persons are still wondering whether these statements are correct or not. Well, both statements are very correct! But this scanty answer can't serve as a best answer. You should be told why both statements are correct.
The Difference between "I am Nigerian” and “I am a Nigerian”

“Nigerian” in “I am Nigerian” is functioning as an adjective, a predicative adjective to be precise.  It simply means you are everything Nigeria represents.

On the other hand, “Nigerian” in “I am a Nigerian” is functioning as a noun. And it simply means you are a Nigerian citizen or a person of Nigerian origin.

Therefore, you can use either of them depending on what you have in mind or the message you want to pass across.



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