7 Basic Ways to Personalize and Protect Your Facebook Account

7 Basic Ways to Personalize and Protect Your Facebook Account

Today, three things are certain in life: death, taxes and someone's Facebook account getting hacked! Whether you like it or not, we live in a modern society where Facebook accounts are hot commodities in multiple cyber black markets. And unfortunately, most people would go the extra mile to make sure they get one sold out – even if it involves forcefully taking yours.
7 Basic Steps to Personalize and Protect Your Facebook Account
Creating a perfect Facebook profile for oneself could be a daunting task that takes days and time to accomplish. As a result, the thought of losing it all to an unknown computer kleptomaniac with questionable intentions breeds fear. Think about all there is to lose: the friendships, memories and priceless personal data. All these are taken away within a twinkle of an eye.

Computer geeks are getting craftier in their endless pursuit of our Facebook accounts, and while Mark Zuckerberg and his team work tediously to guarantee our online security, it's safe to say that our own carelessness makes the job much easier for the hackers. But with these 7 simple steps, one can prevent his/her account from being the latest casualty in this cyber battle:

1. Avoid Multiple Login Sources
Those who can't resist the urge to access their Facebook accounts on any available device, be it cell phone, PC or desktop, should take this seriously. By keeping up with this perilous act, your Facebook account get saved up in diverse gadgets, and it is worth mentioning that you sometimes fail to log out properly. Avoid logins on multiple devices to help ensure a proper social check and balance of your account.

2. Say No to 'Remember Password' and 'One Click Access'
We always love the easy ways. What's much easier than having access to your account without being regularly halted for password confirmation test?

'Remember password' and 'one click access' are familiar and easy methods of logins on different apps, with the former more likely on Opera mini web browsers and the latter on Facebook Lite app. These features give potential external intruders the automatic login rights without any password confirmation test. By refusing permanent login and password offers from web browsers or apps, you tend to keep your account personal and free from exterior infiltration.

3. Activate Your Mobile Device Password and App Lock
Privacy is freedom. And freedom from mobile nuisance (caused by someone) is achieved through mobile passwords and app lock. Nothing hurts a potential trespasser more than having the door shut at his face.

This gives you a relaxed feeling of mobile security because you always get to be consulted before your cell phone is used for anything.

4. Use Effective Facebook Password
While there are genuine Facebook account hunters out there that possess sophisticated malware within their arsenal, victims of account theft have been preyed upon by mere individuals (who acquire and sell out accounts) via simple means called mind-guessing games. They do this by simply indulging in the act of self-guessing after a tip-off on your persona.

Acquiring a formidable Facebook password is key to preventing this kind of inconvenience. Avoid using passwords gotten from cell phone numbers and names of celebrities you love. Your password should be a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation marks as it is highly sensitive. 

5. Keep a Lookout for Suspicious URLs: 
How does it feel to know that you're always one URL click away from giving out your Facebook security details without knowing? It is surprising. Isn't it? This is perpetrated through 'malicious' URL links coated with enticing offers sent as private messages. And once you access those websites, your Facebook detail is decoded to its sender. Cultivate the habit of having a deep peer at URL links, or still, avoid those sent to you by friends you are not familiarized or friendly with.

6. Check the Profiles of Those Who Send You Friend Requests before Confirming Their Requests
Detailed profiling of friend requests before acceptance would help to keep unfriendly friends off your tracks.

7. Be Selfish with Your Cell phone(s) and PC
Yes, I just said that! It's called a cell phone/PC for a reason – and a big part of that reason is that it belongs to you alone. Keep those people you dim not close enough far away from them as much as you can.

Stick to these golden rules with diligence, and be awed by the level of control you command over your cherished Facebook account.

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