An Open Letter to the Buharists

Dear Buharists,

I'm here to sympathise with you in this your trying period. For over 3 years now, I have watched you suffer in the most difficult situations trying to defend your bad news of a president. The worst of it is that while you do so on empty stomachs, some have become stupendously rich at your applause.
An Open to the Buharists

The son of a man who once borrowed N21m to purchase presidential form can now afford a N45m playing toy. But you who contributed to see him becoming the president can't even buy textbooks for your wards in school. My love for humanity will not let me know these things and not pity you.

As a lawyer, I know what it is and how it feels to defend a bad case, especially when my client keeps exposing the bad situation I try to cover up and making me look empty headed. I also know as a lawyer that I have to keep doing my job no matter how bad the situation is. But the law allows me to back out when my conscience is being impeached , especially when I become aware that my client never told me the truth in the matter I try to defend.

In your case, I see you can't back out as it becomes obvious that you may be under a spell. I have a strong feeling that Baba has taken your matter beyond the earth, hence you cannot see even when we shout it that your brains might have been replaced by the concoction probably exhumed from the grave of a wicked native doctor. It would be heartless of me not to show understanding of these possible facts so as to limit the weight I attach to your insults.

Your case is likened to that of a deaf and blind man walking in the direction of a moving trailer. You don't call him foolish; you try to rescue him because his ability to see or hear the danger is zero. Now you understand why you are still on my list.

The highest level of your ignorance is calling everyone who points out the wrongs in this government corrupt or PDP members. I know the concoction wouldn't let you see that some of us have never been politicians or in any party. I know the concoction lacks the potency to tell you that we don't need to be corrupt to know that the market price of all commodities have tripled since Baba came on board. Yeah, it can't tell you that since fuel price was hiked to N145 per litre in the bid to remove subsidy, the actual amount still spend on subsidy is far above what the PDP government spent on subsidy when fuel price was N87. Do I blame you when I know you are under a spell? No!

You have before you 2019, another opportunity to liberate yourselves. But you seem still far from the knowledge of the realities on ground, even though you now lack words to defend this failure of your supposed Messiah. Day after day, the realities reflect even in your pockets.

My pain, still, is that you are growing stronger bones in your gullibility, obviously because you've stayed too long mirroring "lifelessness". You can't stay too long perceiving faeces and not inherit the smell.

Accept my sympathy. Trust me, when the spell is broken, you will be fine....

Or I should say, if the spell is broken.

It's I, Itse De, your "better-life" wailing friend.

© Barr. Itsede Kingsley Okhai

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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