8 Unexpected Perks of Learning a Foreign Language

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8 Unexpected Perks of Learning a Foreign Language

Once you begin mastering a new skill, it’s extremely important to motivate yourself. This gives the process of learning sense and reminds you of benefits you’ll get after learning the skill. Given that sometimes it takes a lot of time to learn it, you may have to struggle with moments of apathy. In studying a foreign language, there are a few more advantages. Here are the main ones – they’ll be your support in a difficult moment.

1. You become a better communicator
This is a great skill that will come in handy more than once. The ability to listen to a person without interrupting them is a great advantage. When you don’t know the language well enough, you have to listen to every single word, cope with their accent, and try not to lose the thread of the conversation. Apart from that, you just can’t interrupt your interlocutor, as you don’t have enough skills to do that yet. This also allows you to develop empathy.

2. It helps you master new skills faster
When you study a new tongue, your cognitive abilities increase. For example, when memorizing words, you train your memory. In addition, you begin understanding other languages indirectly, as you see the general concepts behind them.

3. You improve your native language skill
Needless to say, the knowledge of multiple languages allows you to look at your own native tongue and begin to notice the details you never thought of before. Intuitive understanding is a great thing, but it's not enough. Any linguist or writer will tell you that there are different levels of understanding and that the same text can be perceived in different ways.

4. You improve attention
Your chances of mastering a new language are slim to none if you can’t focus. In order to make any progress or figure out the meaning of the sentence, you need concentrate. You’ll see that even some minor distraction is able to put an end to the successes you have achieved in the last few minutes.

5. You become culturally aware
The main idea here is that the native speaker represents the culture of the nation which language you’re learning. A good movie won’t be able to tell you more about the cultural aspects than a simple dialogue with its resident. This opens new facets of your personality.

6. You become more creative
Learning a new tongue is like assembling all the pieces of a puzzle. In one sentence, you can understand half the words and guess the other half from the context. This greatly improves creativity.

7. This may help you find that special someone
If you’re lucky (depending on what you’re looking for) to find love in the country the language of which you’re studying, it will be much easier for you to get along with your partner’s parents. Although most Russian and Ukrainian brides, for example, speak decent English now, so you won’t have problems, anyway.

8. This opens new career perspectives
First, there was globalization, and then the Internet appeared. According to different statistics, the knowledge of two languages ​​adds from 10% to 15% to your salary. And if you know how to use this opportunity, it can turn your life around. It’s important not to close any door before yourself, as one of them can be a huge opportunity. There’s nothing worse than a new job offering with a promising salary increase that requires the high level of the language you don’t know.

The next time you think that your attempt to learn a foreign language is pointless, remember these benefits. It’s always good for motivation to remind yourself why you do what you do. When you learn a tongue and understand that it develops your memory and makes you more creative at the same time, you kill three birds with one stone, and it helps you stay focused.

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