The importance of the word 'GRAB' in the life of a woman

There are already too many books instructing women on how to keep their men. It is quite saddening that authors of these books seem to forget that women also need to be kept or taken care of. I think what is good (or sauce) for the goose should as well be good (or sauce) for the gander. Therefore, this article strictly instructs men on how to keep their women. And to achieve this, they (men) only need to know how to use the word GRAB. This word is magical; it has prevented many relationships and marriages from meeting their tragic and untimely end. If fully utilised, yours can never be an exception. Below is its prescription. Use it without making mistakes.  
The importance of the word "GRAB" in the life of a woman

1. Grab her heart when she is falling in love with you. Don’t pursue her only for her to end up being in love alone.

2. Grab her gently by the neck when you are kissing her. It makes her blood run.

3. Grab her shopping bags when you go shopping together or when she comes home from shopping alone. She has strong arms, but it feels good when she has a gentleman.

4. Grab her kiss when she blows it to you from a distance. Don’t let the air or sun evaporate it.

5. Grab her butt gently when she least expects it. She lets no other man touch her awesome behind.

6. Grab her with your strong arms when making love, not too forceful, not too loose; just the right amount of pressure. She loves it when her husband takes control in bed.

7. Grab her in your arms when you miss her or when she gets emotional. She loves to feel protected and needed.

8. Grab your new born baby lovingly with a smile when your wife gives birth. It warms her heart to see her husband welcome the child to this world.

9. Grab her hand when she is climbing up a "raised" platform in public or stairs in private. It makes her feel like a Queen.

1O. Grab and squeeze her chest when you are behind her and feeling naughty and playful. Breasts are sensual and intimate to a woman. She loves it when her husband feels her up.

11. Grab her when she trips and is about to fall down. This shows that you are looking out for her.

12. Grab the meal she has cooked for you like a hungry man. She loves it when her husband has an appetite for the food she took time to prepare with love.

13. Grab a copy of the newspaper or magazine when her interview is published there. She feels supported when her man is her biggest fan. She loves to make you proud.

14. Keep grabbing, but always grab like a gentleman.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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