5 reasons why your internet subscription (MB/GB) does not last long, and how to improve the situation

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5 reasons why your internet subscription (MB/GB) does not last long, and how to improve the situation

The complaint of most smartphone users in this part of the world where the price of gaining access to the International Network (INTERNET) is relatively high is that the volume of data given for a particular data package doesn't take too long to "evaporate". The authenticity of this complaint was further validated when a popular social media comedian, Correctbro, opined that "It is ONLY in Nigeria you'll do monthly subscription four times in a month." As if that wasn't enough, another social media user, DADDY THE FATHER, claimed that "Buying of data is what's stopping" him "from becoming a millionaire." All these claims or assertions bring to limelight the fact that internet subscription is not just expensive in Nigeria but does not also last for the specified period of time as the internet access of subscribers are cut off by their service providers (MTN, glo, Airtel and etisalat) once their data volume is exhausted.
5 reasons why your internet subscription (MB/GB) does not last long, and how to improve the situation
Not being oblivious of this and to ensure that their data volume does not vanish within a twinkle of an eye, most smartphone users have heeded the advice of some tech bloggers by freezing or "force stopping" apps that they don't use frequently. Others have resorted to switching off their data/internet connection when they feel they have very few things or nothing to do online and switching it on when the reverse is the case. The truth is that either of these "data-preventive measures" has its shortcoming(s). The former might cause some apps to malfunction while the latter may prevent you from getting important information on time. I'm sure you know what that means. It has even cost some persons their jobs.

To avoid further complaints as regards the untimely disappearance of your data volume, this article discusses five (5) reasons why your monthly subscription does not complete its life cycle or last for at least two weeks and ways through which you can improve the situation. From personal experience, if the preventive measures that are mentioned in this article are strictly adhered to, the complaint about the untimely disappearance of your data volume will be a thing of the past. Having said that, let's take a look at these reasons:

1. WhatsApp stories.
Most WhatsApp users are yet to realise that viewing of their friends' WhatsApp stories swallows their data faster and far better than the snake in JAMB's office. How did I know this? I had to carry out other tests when I discovered that my data volume was excessively depreciating despite freezing some of my apps and switching off/on my internet connection when necessary. After the test carried out on "WhatsApp story view and data reduction", I discovered that I lost about 60 megabytes of my data volume after viewing the stories of five of my WhatsApp friends. This can be summed up in a simple phrase, "The higher of the number of stories viewed, the higher the number of data volume deducted." This also applies to Instagram and Facebook stories. You can try it if you want.

I won't advise you to stop viewing WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook stories because stories make these platforms more interesting, but make sure you view stories which add value to your life. You mustn't view the stories of all your friends except you don't care about your data volume. I barely view the stories of friends who have nothing to display but their pictures. This decision has kept my data volume in good condition.

Again, don't be carried away by the WhatsApp stories of your friends; be conscious of your data volume while you view their stories.

2. Spending too much time on Instagram
I'm sure you must have heard people say, "Instagram is for men and not for boys." This statement has a lot to do with the way Instagram squanders your data volume. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting platform to be on for some obvious reasons, but you must be man enough to enjoy all the activities therein. Apart from viewing Instagram stories, the automatic replay of videos on Instagram is one major thing that slashes your data volume. It is no news that Instagram videos play repeatedly without you playing them while on the platform. And when this happens, your data pays squarely for it. 

To avoid this, it is advisable you don't spend too much time on Instagram except you are equal to the task. Again, should you see any Instagram video you like, you can download it using InstaSave instead of watching it repeatedly on Instagram.

3. Hotspot and Tethering
Providing a wireless connection for other devices (either through mobile hotspot, Bluetooth tethering or USB tethering) is one of the major factors that prevent your data from reaching its expiry date.  Before you turn on your mobile hotspot for another device, always ensure that all auto download features/settings (through wireless connection) on the other device is turned off. And don't fail to provide a security code for your mobile hotspot in order to prevent others from stealthily using your data.

4. You fail to turn off the auto download or play feature of some of your apps.
Most apps such as Facebook, Play Store, WhatsApp etc. have an auto download or play feature, and if this feature is not turned off, many things that will drastically reduce your data volume are bound to happen. For example, if you fail to turn off the auto download feature of your Play Store, outdated apps will automatically update themselves at the detriment of data volume. However, if this feature is turned off,  you are always notified to update your apps whenever they are outdated. Therefore, you should always ensure that the auto download or play feature of any app on your phone is turned off.

5. You watch videos online
I'm very much aware that watching of videos online is quite interesting and has become part and parcel of most smartphone users. In fact, there are some videos you wouldn't want to download because of their very short durations. You may not notice the data reduction if you are disciplined enough not to watch more than two short videos online every day, but you will surely do if the reverse is the case. I advise you download any video you like and watch it offline except you have the cash to always top up your data volume.

I will conclude by reiterating that if these reasons are taken seriously and the solutions are strictly adhered to, the incessant complaint about the untimely disappearance of your data volume will be a thing of the past in spite of the fact that service providers still have a way of making our data volume epileptic. I am extremely sure because the solutions provided in this article have been tested by me. They will definitely put your data volume in good condition.