THE VOICE NIGERIA (Season 2): 7 Lessons You Can Learn from IDYL's Victory

THE VOICE NIGERIA (Season 2): 7 Lessons You Can Learn from IDYL's Victory

Finally, the die has been cast! The Voice Nigeria, season 2, has come to an end yesterday, Sunday, 24th September, 2017, with Idyl emerging as the Winner. Indeed, it has been an interesting journey, spiced with tension (the eviction tension) and enthusiasm for Syemca, Jahtell, J’Dess, Idyl, Chris Rio, Yimika, Ebube and Wow. However, one among the eight contestants didn’t experience the eviction tension, and that was Jahtell.
THE VOICE NIGERIA (Season 2): 7 Lessons You Can Learn from IDYL's Victory

These are a few lessons you can learn from Idyl's victory:

1. Do not let your background put your back on the ground.
You are born poor does not mean you should remain or die poor. You should always strive to free yourself from the vicious and "padlocked" chains of poverty. Nobody owns the key to the padlock but you. Efe did it and Idyl has done it so you can do it! Idyl said he is "proudly from the street"; but after yesterday's victory, will he still remain in the street? No! That has become a history; it will only make his bio more motivational.

2. Always take the bull by the horns
Never be comfortable with your current level. The pathway to success is full of thorns, but only those who are prepared to go through it, regardless of the odds, can achieve it. The real "you" is realized through this process.

3. It is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy (Romans 9:6).
Among the contestants, Idyl was the least person most viewers expected to win. As a matter of fact, there were contestants whose performances and vocals were far better than that of Idyl, but in all, God's mercy and unmerited favour fell on him. May God's mercy fall on you! Don't think I am Davido oh! You better say "Amen" to that. LOL!

4. Be focused and determined in your career!
If you still play hide and seek game with your career, you are yet to have a future. The determination to succeed in his career path was what took Idyl to the voice Nigeria, season 2. On getting there, he never hid such zeal under a bushel. The contestants went through series of rigorous trainings and teachings that can be applied by only those who are determined and focused. One of the instigators of Idyl's victory was his determination and focus.
5. We all need one another to succeed
In competition like this, "votes" matter a lot. Idyl emerged victorious because people spent their hard earned cash to vote for him. Let's learn to support one another and the society will be a better place.

6. Always be nice to people, irrespective of who they are.
As a boy from the street, Idyl might have been condemned by some persons yesterday, but who knows the current look on the faces of those persons who might have condemned him?

7. Above all, hard work pays! Don't be lazy in all that you do.

Congrats to Idyl, the second winner of The Voice Nigeria, with Agharese Emokpae winning the first season in 2016. His victory has earned him a recording contract with Universal Music Group, an SUV car worth N7m and a trip to Abu Dhabi.