State the Expression 'over sabi dey worry you' in English and Get #1000 Airtime of Your Choice

Tamuno Reuben
Hello guys, today, I feel like giving out one thousand naira (#1000) airtime to a lucky winner. Yesterday, I watched a video on Facebook posted by gossipmill where the presenter was asking passersby to give the correct English translation of the Pidgin expression, "over sabi dey worry you". 
Surprisingly, out of one hundred, only one person got it. However, I wasn't satisfied with the person's answer because rather than making his answer a statement, he presented it in form of a question.

Therefore, I will give you the opportunity to make things right, and the first person to provide the correct answer goes home with a whooping #100O recharge card of preferred network.

1. Scroll down you will see a comment box.

2. Type your answer (i.e. the correct English translation of the above expression) in the comment box. Please don't fail to include your mobile number at the end of your comment.

3. Click on "comment as" and you will see a list of available options. Choose "google" and fill in the necessary details.
Note: You can as well comment as "anonymous" but you must include your name and phone number at the end of your comment.

4. Then click on "publish" to post your comment. After publishing, you will see a message which reads "your comment will be visible after approval". Once you see this message, you should know that your comment has been received and will be published shortly.

5. You are done! You can now take a deep breath, pending when the result will be announced!

To avoid being disqualified, don't comment twice or multiple times.

Good luck!