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If QUENCH is for THIRST, what then is for HUNGER? Check the appropriate word to use.

Tamuno ReubenPosted by
September 08, 2017
It is no news we do quench our thirst, e.g., I quenched my thirst with a cup of water. But then, have you ever wondered the word we use for hunger? Do we quench it too?

If QUENCH is for THIRST, what than is for HUNGER? Check the appropriate word to use.

Well, you must have come across different words used for hunger, perhaps proposed by different textbooks, but I want to tell you that there is a perfect or much more appropriate word for hunger. Should I proceed? Calm down. I've got you covered. I will tell you.

The perfect word is SATE! "Sate" is a verb, and it means to satisfy the appetite or desire of (someone) to the full. It is pronounced as "sayt". The way you pronounce "say", but you are expected to add "t" at the end of it. Hope you got that?
You can sate your hunger/appetite at any nearby restaurant.
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