TGIF! Fill your Friday with humour by looking at these hilarious tweets

Tamuno Reuben
All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy! One of the main aims of Tammy's English blog is to make English learning interesting and easy. The easiest way to make students understand any subject is by making the class interesting and lively. Therefore, we've introduced "Thank God Is Friday (TGIF) Hilarious Tweets" to ease the stress of learning. As the name implies, this will be done every Friday, and the tweets will be gathered from different comic sources: krastv, correct bro/bae, savage replies, pulse TV etc, just to make your Friday fun filled, and prepare you for subsequent teachings.

For a start, enjoy your Friday with the ones below. Always check in every Friday for more! English must be learnt in a conducive and fun filled environment!

Lol! This guy is really crazy.
Dusting powder ke! Lol
Lol! chaiii! Nigeria is now likened to hell. Issoryt!
Lol! Toby, what's your business? Lol

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