Two Most Commonly Used English Words

Two Most Commonly Used English Words

The answer you will find in this article is not fallacious but a sheer fact that you will definitely attest to after getting the revelation.

The English language has over one billion words, but out of these numerous words, there are a few words you cannot do without in your everyday speech. In fact, if you don't say these words at least ten times in a day while speaking, your sentence is incomplete. Even pidgin has these unavoidable words.

Without taking much of your time, I will introduce these prominent English words to you. They are just two. The first on my list is 'I', the first person singular pronoun. This pronoun is used by all English speakers on a daily basis as it reflects one's personality. Every English user uses it to introduce himself/herself, write statements, answer questions or anything that has to do with his or her person; thus, it cannot be avoided in our everyday speech.

The second word is 'you', the second person singular and plural pronoun. It occupies the second seat because of its communicative role. In a communication exchange between two or more persons, the person speaking (the speaker) mostly refers to the hearer or his audience as 'you' although the speaker, at some point, brings to the floor the third person with the use of 'he' or 'she'. You can as well attest to the fact that when you are communicating with your friend(s), aside using the first person pronoun (I) to represent yourself, you refer to your friend(s) as 'you'. This makes 'you' the second most used English word.

Having said that, do you agree with the foregoing claim? If you don't, just think about it. But before you go, what are the most commonly used words in your language?