8 Reasons Why Your Facebook Posts Command Few or No Likes

Humans are very complex beings. It is very difficult to please, satisfy or amuse humans, especially those from Africa. For any human on earth to truly love what you do, you must show a level of uniqueness, which only comes when you leave your comfort zone.

Facebook is a world on its own where people showcase their very best, and in turn, expect mind-blowing remarks from the persons settling therein. Of course, nobody hates appraisal; everybody loves to be eulogized for a particular action performed. 

Consequently, its users upload their best pictures, videos and write-ups. While some get high number of "likes" and propelling "comments" for these actions, the reverse is the case for others. This has inarguably kept the latter totally disillusioned and enslaved by this question, "why don't I get a good number likes?”.

Well, I bring you answers to your question which has been pending for long. In this post, I will tell you why your Facebook posts command few or no "likes". These reasons are:

1. Lack of connectivity between your posts and your Facebook friends.

Knowing your audience is an important factor in communication. Communication only takes place when your audience understands you. Your friends on Facebook are your audience, and you should know, to an extent, what they like.

Most times, you put up a post only you understand and expect to get more "likes" from such post. How is that possible? For your friends on Facebook to connect with your post and consequently react, they must understand that post. Therefore, learn to create that connectivity by making your posts understandable to a vast majority of your Facebook friends.

2. Your posts are not educative, and at the time, not funny.

Two most important things people will never cease doing on earth are "learning" and "smiling". Whereas they learn to know to more, they smile to ease themselves from sorrowful thoughts. That is why comedians keep making waves and schools keeping admitting new students every year.

There is no way you will write an educative or funny post that people won't comment or like. When I mean educative posts, I don't mean boring ones. Learn how to relate your educative posts with real life experiences because humans love real life examples. They connect with real life examples than abstract ones. If you are not good at writing educative posts, try making your posts hilarious. At least become a Facebook comedian/comedienne.

3. Your post is too lengthy

Brevity matters a lot when it comes to writing. Very few persons will take the pain of reading a lengthy post on Facebook. Therefore, it is very necessary you make your posts brief. This will at least attract more readers who will as well comment on or like the post.
4. Your post is stale or plagiarized

Try as much as possible not to copy anybody's post or share a post that had been in existence before you were born. Facebook users hardly comment on or like posts that they've seen elsewhere. I don't like it either. That is why you must learn how to write your own posts. That doesn't mean you won't share someone's post if you so love it.

5. Your friends on Facebook are very few

This also determines your number of likes. Most persons whose posts command 150+ likes, have about 3,000 - 4,999 friends on Facebook. I do tell people that if they have 500 friends on Facebook, and each of their posts commands  at most 20 "likes", they have higher number of "likes" than someone whose post commands 150 "likes" out of his 4,800 friends.

However, if you see things differently, you can add more friends to your friends list in order to boost your number of likes.

6. You don't like or comment on people's posts.

Remember respect is reciprocal. If you are one who hates commenting on or liking people's posts, don't expect people to like your posts too except you are a celebrity. Celebrities are the only people who hardly comment on or like their fans' posts but still command thousands of likes from their fans.

7. The Picture is not cute enough

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that ugly pictures or images don’t attract likes. Always capture the magical or hilarious moments. Nigerians don’t pretend at all. You can't force them to like what they don’t like.

8. You like uploading videos

Always have in mind that not all your friends on Facebook have the megabytes to view or watch your videos. Most persons will see these videos without even clicking on them. You don’t expect them to like a video they didn’t watch. Do you? If you must upload a video, let it be interesting and always be accompanied with a brief write-up.

I am cocksure if you work on any of the aforementioned reasons, your post likes will never remain the same.

Meanwhile, do you have any other reason in mind, you can add to the list through the comment box.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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