Philips Ochoma Graces His New Single, 'KOMASI' with a Corresponding Poem

Philips Ochoma Graces His New Single, 'KOMASI' with a Corresponding Poem

Philips Ochoma Graces His New Single, 'KOMASI' with a Corresponding Poem
I'm still wondering how a world without creativity would have been. In a world where our friends from the Sciences flaunt their self acclaimed intelligence, we in Arts and Humanities flaunt our intelligence through creativity.

Here is a new single "KOMASI", a song which is second to none by Philips Ochoma, a Linguist who is gifted with amazing phonation and whose creative prowess has won him the entertainment world. In this single, the "linguist musician" is placed in between praising God and giving Him different titles for who He is. He does these without hesitation. "KOMASI" is indeed second to none.


About Philips Ochoma

Philips Ochoma is a sensational Nigerian Christian singer and songwriter from Ahaoda, River State. This Young and amazing Music Minister and Worshipper of God whose everyday life is all about Jesus is pregnant with divinely inspired songs from heaven. KOMASI is the first of many to come.

Below is the poem that graces "KOMASI".


Echoes of hurrying feet summons heavens and the earthen
to the telegraphing jungle drums.
Its melodious peals woo the piano, guitar and tropical bassline,
as each strike and beat swells forth.
The impelling rhythm breaks in again, attaining a sublime height, as the song, *Komasi* in the earthly orchestra of gathering hands fly up a thousand mountains and hills to the holy of holies.

Blast of heavenly trumpets collaborates with the talking drums, the clanging bells, the knuckles of limbs of wood and irons and the rattling of cymbals, as dancers seize the streets.

The hills and mountains whisper in the ear of the clouds,
when earth and sky meet finally in the parliament of praise, as we wriggle our waists, shake our legs and shoulders nodding yes to the rumblings and medley of voices and chanting of panegyrics, saying: *komasi, komasi, komasi eni bi olorun*