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Apr 12, 2017

Some Grammatical Errors Even Graduates Make. Please Learn to Avoid Them.

Some Grammatical Errors Even Graduates Make
Your level of education does not make you an English guru. For one to make good use of the language, he or she needs to be constantly engaged with the language. That is why you should always visit this blog where you learn the English language free of charge.

Today, I will be showing you a few grammatical blunders which even graduates make and please take note of the words that are underlined:

1. That man is very strict, my dear. One needs to summon courage before visiting him.

The truth is that you don't "summon courage" but you summon up courage. Therefore, the correct expression will be:

That man is very strict. One needs to summon up courage before visiting him.

2. Even with my good result I was not employed talkless/talk more/ thoughtless of you whose result is very bad.

My dear, there is no conjunction like "talkless, talk more or thoughtless." Therefore, the correct expression is:

Even with my good result I wasn't employed let alone you whose result is very bad.

"Let alone is a conjunction that is used especially to emphasize the improbability of a contrasting example.
I don't have enough money for a new car, let alone a luxury sedan.

3. The minute of the last meeting was read by the secretary of the club.

When a minute becomes the official document of what transpired in a meeting, it takes its plural form, " minutes." Therefore, the correct expression is:

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary of the club.

4. Please round up what you are doing.

Using "round up" in this context is totally wrong. The right word to use is "round off":

Please round off what you are doing.

"Round off" simply means to complete something in a satisfying and suitable way. I am sure this is what you actually meant when you used "round up" instead of "round off."

Which other words do you think learners of English use wrongly? Please kindly use the comment box to state them.


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