Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon's Easter Message to Christians. Abeg Call the Interpreters oh!

Tamuno Reuben

Known for his use of rare vocabularies, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon is at it again. This time, using lexicons that require an interested reader to instantly visit dictionaries of all kinds, the Honourable passes a sapiential message to all Christians celebrating Easter.

Will they really understand his message? If they won't, I advise they contact The Interpreters by Wole Soyinka.

Read his message below:

As we join Christians in the celebration of Easter, may we truly reflect on the quintessential modus vivendi of Master Jesus; The Christ, who peregrinated this incarnation as an exempli gratia of self abnegation, puritanical excrescence, spartan discipline, mental magnitude, hierophantic candour and altruistic effusions,qualities which have become a desiderata for national resurgimento.

Beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of the moment, I seriously call attention to the rutilanting and coruscating modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ and I dare pontificate that save and until we viscerally emblematize the virtues of self-immolation, quintessential abnegation, eulogizeable simplicity, Christ-like humility and immerse ourselves in a platonic emotionalism of agape love and communalistic service, we would have woefully failed in learning and imbibing the true meaning of EASTER.

We must elevate this moment from a proscenium of joie de vivre into one of meditative transcendentalism.


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