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Check if your National ID Card is ready and Dispatched to an Activation Center.

Tamuno ReubenPosted by
April 02, 2017

Check if your National ID Card is ready and Dispatched to an Activation Center.

After registering for the NIMC ID card, Nigerians retired to their homes with what could be best described as a temporary National ID card, with the hope of having the permanent one within a shorter period of time. However, the hopes of many Nigerians have been dwindling as getting their permanent National ID card is taking a thousand years.

Well, I am pleased to inform you that the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has launched a web page basically for checking National ID card status and knowing if it's ready or not. This will at least build the shattered hopes of many Nigerians.

The procedures involved in checking it are very simple as it does not require the skills of a computer guru.  Follow the steps below to check yours.


1. The first thing to do is to visit the NIMC Website.

2. Then click the proceed button.

3. Fill in your First name, last name and the first 6 digits of your National Identification Number (NIN).

4. Lastly, click the check now button.

After few seconds, it will display the status of your national ID card. If it's unavailable, you will be asked to check back in a week time. 

Don't fail to share this with your friends and relatives who also registered for their National ID Card as theirs might be ready.

  1. I don't just understand how this NIN Stuff works... the thing is that i felt this card will take no time to be dispatched from the Headquarters, but till now it's not... Nigerian Governmental bodies are always making things difficult for her citizens.

    1. That is the thing. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. Charles, please drop your number or you can forward to my mail: