Don't Agree to Pay More than the Amount on any Printed MTN Recharge Card Says MTN

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Don't Agree to Pay More than the Amount on any Printed MTN Recharge Card Says MTN

Recharge card business is known for its little profit (although many still use it to comfortably pay their bills) but that shouldn't warrant any seller to hike the price when he/she still buys at the normal price from the company.

Recently, instead of the official price, some persons have started selling MTN recharge card at a higher price. This is not a story I heard from someone or somewhere. Yesterday, I went to buy a N400 MTN recharge card and was surprised when the seller told me it was N420. When asked why, she said, "MTN don add moni for recharge card becos of recession." I had to recharge with my FCMB mobile app.

This has been a normal thing especially during festive periods but bringing it up at this time really kept me startled. I was filled with soft anger and already blaming MTN when I got this message from MTN

Dear customer, please do not agree to pay more than the amount that is printed on any MTN recharge card. Remember - what you see is what you pay!

After reading, I only shook my head in amazement. Why will someone decide to add N10 or N20 to the official price when the company has not officially increased the price. Obviously, this is stealing by tricks. Man will always be man!

Please note that the prices of MTN recharge card are still the same and not hiked. Don't allow anybody to trickily steal your N10 or N20 all in the name of recession.

See the official prices of all MTN recharge cards below:






Remember, MTN has instructed you not to buy any of its recharge cards that is above the aforementioned prices because the hike in price is artificial. If you do, NA U SABI oh!